Wednesday, April 9, 2014

#SaveFustat : How Did we Master The art of Destroying our history !? “Updated”

We do not need external conspiracies to destroy our history and our past for some sinister , we are doing a perfect job ourselves !!
Culture and archeology activist Sally Soliman has shocked us and revealed that one of the most important archeological site of Islamic Cairo was under attack by none other than Cairo governorate and the ministry of antiquities.
The site we are speaking is about is the site of El Fustat. El Fustat was the first capital of Egypt under the Muslim rule. The site is part of Islamic Cairo. It has been under attack in the last years when suddenly excavation works stopped and it turned in to a dumpster , oh yes dumpster !!
Last year  Sally Soliman and a group of concerned citizens “they exist” made noise and the governor of Cairo then promised to clean the site. Here are photos for the site in 2013. Oh yes this was once our capital.

Now we hear that this archeological site “about 7 fedans” is going to be turned in to a garden and that the ministry of archaeology is giving up the site to Cairo governorate !! A garden !!? What the hell those officials are taking !?
We are speaking about an important site for God sake that has not been excavated properly in the first place !!
Of course many of us do not know that such archeological sit exists in the first place. Needless to say there is even worst neglect from the government’s side when it comes to Islamic heritage site , it is enough what is happening to Islamic Cairo from aggression against ancient Mosques and ancient buildings.
A copy from a newspaper about the topic
Either ways I think mainstream media should pay attention to this important site.
Update : The head of Islamic antiquities sector in the ministry of antiquities told Al Shorouk newspaper that the site was being cleaned and there was no intention to turn in to something else.
Somehow I am still worried and frustrated. We are destroying our own history. I am frustrated and sad.

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