Wednesday, May 7, 2014

And the Storm Hit #Aswan and it is coming to us "Updated"

We got one hell of weather now in Egypt. We started with extreme hot weather in the beginning weather and now we are getting ready for thunder storms in Cairo in the upcoming 48 hours !!!!
Already today Aswan saw a sand storm you can only see in films. The photos coming from there are incredible. Updated : Two people were killed in the sand storm in Aswan yesterday
By Mostafa Shekena 
By Mostafa Shekena
By Eslam Salheen 

By Islam Salheen 
By Yousry Aref 

Here is a video capturing the storm.

Interestingly this storm allegedly made the Crocodile museum's ceiling collapse !! This museum was inaugurated in 2012  !!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Here are couple of photos I took in 2012 during my visit to Aswan. 

ِAnd a short video clip from there.

 According to the news reports the artifacts were not destroyed thankfully.


  1. Nice to meet you
    and thanks for using my work
    in your blog !

    1. Thank you for your amazing shot :)


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