Tuesday, May 6, 2014

#Hala’ib Triangle back to the spot light : What the heck is happening down there ?

And Hala’ib triangle is back to the spot light. SUNA , the Sudanese official news agency published a small news on Monday that Sudanese infantry Navy forces were deployed to Hala’ib triangle !!!

According to SUNA’s news the 101 Battalion from Sudanese navy infantry forces returned back to Hala’ib from Port Sudan. Of course the rest of the news speaks on how the disputed triangle is considered Sudanese to the end of that talk.

What is happening down there in the South !? I know that Hala’ib triangle is a disputed territory but it is under Egyptian control and actually it is a military zone.

In the past several months Egyptian officials went there and we heard that there was a big plan to urbanize the extreme poor city.

Of course one must wonder why the media does not pay attention to Hala’ib triangle like it did before with Mohamed Morsi. There was a fury when the Sudanese officials spoke about that promise of Morsi to give up Hala’ib triangle to Sudan yet now we got dangerous claims from Sudanese officials about Sudanese armed forces in Hala’ib which is officially Egyptian territory.

I think journalists should send someone to the border the city right away to see what is happening there.

Updated : From Masrawy website and according to a security source ; it seems that having Sudanese troops in Hala’ib is a routine symbolic thing according to one of the leading tribal figures there.

I think the Egyptian people as well Sudanese people need to know the true arrangements between Egypt and Sudan when it comes to Hala’ib.

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