Saturday, May 3, 2014

Happy World #PressFreedom Day Dear #Egypt #WPFD "Updated"

Today the world is celebrating the Press Freedom day and of course in Egypt , we are celebrating it in our own way : by imprisoning journalists and sending them to court for false accusations
Today was another episode of Al Jazeera staff trial ; yes and the world is celebrating the Press Freedom Day.
Today once again Baher , Greste and Fadel stood along with other 5 students in front of the judge defending themselves. It was the seventh session and yet again it was adjourned till 15 May. Interestingly this session was transferred on air on ONTV. I do not know what this change means.
 Journalists celebrating Press Freedom Day behind bars "Patrick Kingsley"
Mohamed Fadel Fahmy spoke to the judge directly today and he asked him to ask the army and intelligence about him. Fahmy also added that he did not want to cover the upcoming presidential elections because he wanted to get out of jail.
I feel sad after reading this .
Fadel addressing the judge "Patrick Kingsley" 
Yesterday Egyptian-Canadian Mohamed Fadel Fahmy was awarded the 2014 Canadian Committee for World Press Freedom Award. He wrote a letter to the committee I think you all should read and share. “There is an Arabic version of that letter
Fahmy dedicated this award to late young Dostor journalist Mayada Ashraf who was killed during the clashes between the Pro-Morsi supporters and security forces. Despite many journalists believe that Ashraf was shot by security forces , the police announced last week that they killed two of those who shot her from Islamists. “In other correct words they shot the suspects”
Today Abdullah El-Shamy was detained for another 45 days in jail pending investigations for no real crime. El-Shamy lost nearly 35 KG in his 103 days hunger strike. He wants to return back home to celebrate his 25th birthday away from jail !! El-Shamy told the reporters that he lived in pit hole “15 in 12 m sq” without water access for 12 hours.
By the way our upcoming president for God know how many years has met a delegation of 25 TV hosts and journalists mostly from the Pro-Military/Pro-Mubarak camp. I can not imagine the proper way to celebrate that day with those people who are actually against press freedom and human rights .
Association for Freedom of thought and expression issued its annual report for Press Freedom in Egypt and needless to say 2013 turned to be the worst year for journalists in Egypt in the past 5 years. In that seven journalists were killed , 43 journalists were shot,57 incidents where journalists and reporters’ cameras were smashed. One hell of a year.
BY the way Baher , Fadel , and El-Shamy are not the only journalists in prison , you got also freelance photographer Mahmoud Abu Zeid and Cameraman Hozifa Sadik.
In fact there are 17 journalists are now in Egyptian jails.

A true strong democratic country ruled by a true democratic government does not fight freedom of journalism and expression like that. This is a fact not a theory. Only corrupted dictatorships fight freedom of press.
Happy Press Freedom Day dear Egypt.


  1. where they have liberated someone, there are times when other people feel good and felt scared, but this is a world filled with unpredictable rhythms

  2. Can any decent person not accept it was wrong to support these shits in removing an elected president. How much of Morsis term would now remain. We could have been campaigning for a second elected president. Change would have been happening and the scum would have had to fight with legal and democratic tools. Instead those who supported the illegal coup allowed all democratic rules to be flouted and gave cover to this gang of thugs.


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