Saturday, July 12, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack :Day “5”

Day 5 and the Israeli raids have not stopped in Gaza increasing the death toll. Tony Blair is back to the scene trying to reach to a truce as if he succeeded in the past years. Of course now he got an official reason to visit Egypt.

Here is the latest updates from Gaza , Israel and Egypt.


  1. Oh dear.

    That Carlos Latuff sign the Palestinians are carrying with no apparent self-consciousness has Israel in Nazi garb taking a flamethrower to Arabs in the Dome of the Hill. The UN is trying to put out the fire, but the US is punching the UN in the chin.

    I see from Googling that Latuff is a well-known holocaust denier.

  2. Gaza people, please urge your Hamas government the to stop shooting at Israel. The Israeli government announced multiple times that they don't want this escalation, peace will be answered by peace.

    Please ask the Hamas government - what are you trying to gain in this useless shooting? Having more Palestinians killed? Because this seems to be the goal of the Hamas.

    People, please wake up.

  3. The right wings of each side oppose coexistence and want war, no matter at what cost in lives. Right wing ideology played a huge role in causing this tragedy.

    1. The difference is that only one of the two right wings is correct in their conviction that military victory is possible.

    2. Only if you define military victory in the most narrow and short term sense. And that has a lot itself to do with a legacy of external support and acquiesce. In the end battlefield "victories" haven't been able to get rid of this problem. The right wing ideologues advocate expansionist delusions that provoke frequent atrocities and hate the compromises that a solution would entail. The problem is that there is no clear end in site to these right wing fantasies.


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