Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Happy F*cking #july23 Dear Egyptians

Happy F*cking July 23 Dear Egyptians every where.

Of course today is the 62th anniversary of the 23 July , the original coup that turned  in to a revolution.

Today President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi spoke to the public in another recorded televised speech on that anniversary reminding us that the the goals of the 23 July revolution are still alive. He spoke about the 25 January revolution and its goals as well the so-called 30 June revolution and how Egyptians restored their freedom in that revolution.

Already you will wonder  how his media and supporters keep attack the 25 January revolution calling it a conspiracy that he foiled day and night when he praised it.

He also said something interesting that a hungry person should not look for Freedom. “How can I look for Freedom when I am hungry” He said. 

You know it is quite clever because when you think about what he had said , you will remember Maslow’s hierarchy of needs.

He also spoke about Gaza insisting that no borders or crossing would be open unless Hamas agreed on the Cease fire. He also said that Egypt paid a lot because of Palestine

Of course he forgot an important fact that without Palestine and the defeat in 1948 , there would be no Free Officers and that almost all Egypt’s wars with Israel had to do with Egypt’s wrong political and military decisions not with Palestine. Anyhow this is what his media claims all the time , that Egypt fought and bankrupted with

In the end of his speech , El-Sisi told the Egyptian people that there was a surprise waiting for them.

Amazingly when I look back to 1952 I find quite interesting resemblances between it and 25 January in one specific thing : The relation between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Egyptian army then or rather the Free officers aka the Revolution commandership council “which was like SCAF then”

Interestingly the MB stood with the Free officers against the political parties and cheered for the end of political partisan life in Egypt as well the decisions against the labor movement in Kafr El-Dawar and Siyad Qotb’s articles in that time stand as an evidence. Just like the statements and interviews of the MB leading figures in 2011 and 2012 supporting SCAF.

Amazing resemblance and fearful history repeating. I do not want my generation to live through that cycle again.

Late Pro-Mubarak journalist Abdullah Kamel said after the victory of Field Marshal El-Sisi in the presidential elections that the July 23 state defeated the January 25 state. Of course the late writer who used to defame the opposition figures in Rosa Al Youssef during Mubarak and sons era did not understand that actually the July 23 state died In mid 1970s and what we see now actually is actually the disgusting ugly cons of that army movement.

It is actually regime in Egypt comes and builds up upon the cons of the regime that preceded it !!

Happy 23 July ya people.


  1. Why you do not say that to Aswan High Dam and your Freedom from the British Military Occupation

  2. Without the Revolution of 1952, and the bravery and leadership of Mohammed Naguib and Gamal Abdel Nasser, not only would the British occupation of Egypt and Sudan have continued unabated, but the other European imperial powers would have have maintained their occupations of the rest of Africa, and huge parts of the rest of the Arab Nation, and Asia. It was the Revolution of 23rd July 1952 which began the inexorable end of European imperial power, and the beginning of a new era of social, political, and economic advancement throughout the Arab Nation. To compare these achievements with the counter-revolution in Egypt today is profane.

    The Revolution of 1952 raised the heads of Egyptians higher than any time since the exile of Ahmed Orabi seven decades earlier. Its true successor is the Revolution of 2011, NOT the obscenity of June 2013. Nasser would spit in the face of the feloul, as would Egypt's martyrs of 1948, 1956, 1967, 1967-1970, and 1973.

    In the memory of real revolutionaries, in the memory of sacred martyrs, and in the memory of the innumerable sacrifices that the sons and daughters of the Nile have made for Palestine, may God save us from this current nightmare.

  3. You have a creative way with words and grammar, Zee :) Keep up the good fight!


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