Friday, July 25, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : An Eye Witness' account about #Khuza massacre

Khuza , another populated area in Gaza's Khan Younis governorate. For three days now it was cut from the world facing the Israeli military machine's rage.
People fleeing Khuza

For three days or even more the IDF had not stopped its shelling nor its airstrikes in that small populated area. The eye witnesses spoke about how bodies were in the streets and under the rubble of the houses destroyed by airstrikes. The ambulance can not reach to certain areas in Khuza because of destruction not to mention because of the IDF which hunts down every living there.

Only today Tweep Mahmoud Ismail wrote in Arabic a terrifying testimony about the past 48 hours. Ismail lost his uncle and three cousins. A true shelling testimony you should read and share. I translated it in to English in a Storify post after the break.



    1. That's just Islamofascist propaganda. I generally give music a pass regardless of ideology, provided the music is good as music. But this isn't. It sucks.

  2. There are now vast protests spreading across the West Bank which may transform into a third intifada. The plan to destroy the Pal unity government is failing and backfiring. It was incredibly foolish for Arab dictatorships to believe that they could uproot and destroy Hamas through massacres and slaughters.The idiotic leaders of most Middle Eastern countries didn't learn from Ukraine. Even a basic dumbass could see that the budding Russian satellite terrorist Yanukovych FAILED miserably when he tried to massacre the opposition. HE was the one that fell and fled like the murderous terrorist that he is.

    Btw, what is going on in the West Bank now is *absolutely* in Egypt's future. Killing opponents just doesn't work forever in this age. Those who slaughter indiscriminately will one day find ever vestige of power crumbling from their hands. Hamas fits in with the rest but the tyrants of the region have delayed its death and reckoning by a long while.

    There was no way that this was going to stay confined to Gaza. Not when so much of the true origins of the problem lie in the WB. This is a lesson to those who think that playing one faction off against another will permanently divide and weakening your foes. The conflagration is spreading. Sisi is too dumb to know how to handle this. He didn't anticipate that his actions would entrench Hamas and place the West Bank on the precipice of revolution. The dumbass Sisi supporting media will once again reverse itself and leap on to what it perceives as the stronger horse.

  3. Hamas doesn't want cease fire. They want to "win", no matter how many are dead. The shoot from schools, hospitals and mosques.

  4. Hamas shoots out of hospitals and schools. They give bombs to youth and civilians. This is their practices. Any army which fight in such circumstances will hurt civilians.

    Hamas keep shooting rockets at Israeli cities, and in Al-Jazeera they say that Hamas is "winning". Who is really winning here? Not Israel and not the Palestinians. This is Hamas' goal, death and destruction to all.

  5. Here you go...
    2 of
    the Zionists readers write again.

  6. That Storify seemed plausible until I got to

    "The Israeli army used 10 families as human shields against the resistance's fire."

    Please. This is laughable. Does anyone really need an explanation how ludicrous that is? It makes me think the whole account is made from whole cloth.


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