Friday, July 25, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-17&18&19

First of all I apologize for no publishing the rest of the Ramadan Audio Arabian nights in time. I could not publish them last week honestly with all the sad news coming from Palestine with what Israel commits from crimes and Egypt after the death of our borders soldiers.
Second you should refresh your memory I think you should our last episodes in the Archives.
Third of all here are the episodes as we have got a lot to catch up with now.
Here is the 17th episode after the break

Now Shamalan who became a prince goes to Princess Mango in a huge procession of slaves carrying jewels and necklaces. The princess and her father have no excuse to accept his marriage proposal. Princess Mango already falls in love with Shamalan.
Mango’s father insists that his daughter does not leave their palace and goes to Shamalan’s luxurious palace promising to explain to him later after marriage.
The talking diver monkey Shamalan which owns and keeps in his legendary palace gives him a new set instructions to follow in order to end his spell as well to put an end to an evil curse against the princess.
The instructions are as follows : After the end of their wedding and while the princess is sleeping , Shamalan should search for a door in her room. That door will lead him to a closet and inside that closet a roaster and a book. Shamalan should kill
The monkey says that his spell will be broken if Shamalan follows the instruction carefully.

Here is the 18th episode and things are getting interesting. Remember how Mabrooka warned her son from that monkey, well moms always know best.

Shamalan is married to the princess and on the night of their wedding while Mango was sleeping; he began to follow his monkey’s instructions. To his surprise he finds the room and inside it the closet with the roaster and book. He kills the roaster over the book and then something unexpectedly happened.
The princess wakes up scared and shocked. Already the roaster and the book are spells made to protect her and not to harm her.
From nowhere a terrible strong Jinn called Gulbhar appears and kidnaps the Princess.
Angry and sad as well heart broken Mango’s father kicks Shamalan from the palace. One of the Mango’s servants reveals the story to poor Shamalan who is crying for the loss of his wife.
“Some parts of this story are unknown to us and we saw some parts by our own eye while other parts were told to us by Abu Tarab”  said the servant
And it turns we are going to hear another story inside a story and we meet again Abu Tarab.
The story started in the Jinn realm where a cruel restless king called Gulbhar used to live. Gulbhar is a tyranny in his word who worships fire. Bored and angry Gulbhar hears about the most beautiful girl in the realm and decides to get her.

Here is the 19th episode and we began to know the story of Mango Gulbhar. 

The mighty king of Jinn Gulbhar turns to be fond of kidnapping beautiful human girls and sending them to a palace in unknown where they become his slaves thanks to his minister Abdel Nar. Traveling to the humans realm and seeing the beautiful princess Mango , daughter of Prince Shahab, Gulbhar decides that he won't kidnap Mango, he will marry her instead but there was one obstacle. Humans refuse to marry Jinn. 
The wicked Jinn king decides to stay in town and disguised as Wealthy Raja , the son of a Maharaja where as his wicked minister is disguised as Amen , the aide of Raja. They go and introduce themselves to prince Shahab. Gulbhar tries to speak to Mango but fails each time. He is planning something 

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