Monday, July 28, 2014

Happy or Rather Martyr's Eid from Gaza "+18"

Today several Arab and Muslim Countries are celebrating Eid El-Fitr marking the end of the Ramadan. Happy blessed Eid to all those celebrating all over the globe.
In Gaza thousands of Palestinians are not celebrating the Eid , what they do today is visiting their beloved ones in the cemeteries and in hospitals. They are also visiting the remains of their houses. I do not think too many children are playing around as many playgrounds have been shelled , you know there were missiles and rockets there. We were speaking earlier today about 1037.
Instead of the usual Happy Eid greetings Palestinians are saying a Martyr's Eid in Arabic. "Instead of Eid Saeed it is Eid Shaheed"
Of course we should forget about the truce as the fighting continues between the IDF and the Palestinian resistance factions. The IDF is not dealing with Hamas anymore , it is dealing there with Ultra-right Islamic Jihad "which is mediating between Egypt and Hamas" and The popular Front to liberate Palestine . They know that but they want t keep it as "Hamas" alone.
It started peacefully somehow and ended tragically as usual
AFP from Gaza 

Ebaa Rezeq from El-Shejaiya area 
 Of course Palestinians know more than anyone that they have to try to enjoy life regardless what so families tried to have their own moments. The following photos are taken by Palestinian photographer Omar El-Qattaa. 

Praying Eid Prayers at UNRWA school
 "by Omar El-Qattaa"

Making Eid cookies by Omar El-Qattaa
Making Eid cookies by Omar El-Qattaa
Those moments are over because this afternoon Israeli forces killed another 10 children in the first day of Eid. Yes 10 children who were playing at a beach playground this afternoon.

 It turns out that according to eye witnesses the 4 children were playing on a swing and the other 6 were waiting for their turns !!

This little child here was still holding that shekel he wanted to pay to play on the swing. Now he would pay it to Charon to get him to the other side of the world.

BY the way when the families of the children went to bury them they found a rocket about their head and they kept cheering for the resistance in Gaza.
At the cemeteries "Meera Albaba"
El-Shifa hospital was shelled by IDF drones but the IDF claims that Hamas shelled the hospital !! Eye witnesses on the ground say otherwise.
US network NBC said that at first but then changed it in its news website.
a screen capture by Scheherazade 
It is worth to mention that Ayman Mohi El-Din , NBC correspondent in Gaza saw the Israeli strike
These flyers were thrown by the IAF warning the citizens late today.
This is not snow , these are flyers " Omar El-Qattaa"

The names of the Palestinian factions leaders
in the flyers of the IDF by Lara Abu Ramadan
Where are the graves of Islamic Jihad and Hamas ?
The IDF asks by Lara Abu Ramadan 
It seems that the IDF has something with kids playing after all.
The first day of Eid ended by Israeli warnings to Jabalia refugees camp telling the people to evacuate !! Jabalia camp is one of the biggest refugees camps in the Gaza sector.

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