Tuesday, July 29, 2014

#GazaUnderAttack : #Eid Continues in war

And the attack continues , this is a live blog for what is taking place in Gaza. Since late Sunday night and the offensive in the city is escalating with huge blasts and explosions heard everywhere.
Needless to say I feel in the morning there will be another human disaster in Gaza.


  1. This war is mostly the disgusting "price" of trying to use barbaric military force to unseat the rulers of Gaza. Predictably, it is failing. Did anyone think this was going to work? Wars to change governments usually fail. For Gaza, it was obvious from the beginning that destruction of life and the rise of anarchy would push a peaceful solution further away.

    Netanyahu did not want to replace Hamas with Fatah on the belief that he could then negotiate peace. He has refused to negotiate peace with Fatah and Abbas. He hopes to take the heat off himself by diverting attention from the West Bank to Gaza. This is not going to work.

    1. Please listen to Mohamed El-Deif , the actual leader of Hammas (the rest are powerless clowns).

      He said that his organization wont stop the war unless their terms are accepted: open border passages to Israel and Egypt.

      Its Hamas who doesn't want to stop the fighting, not Netanyahu.

      By the way, Mohamed El-Deif statement that they dont attack civilians is a lie. They fired rockets at all Israeli cities, they failed only due to the Israeli anti-missile technology.

      Hamas, like ISIS , Boko Haram and Hizbulla, doesnt really care about civilian casualties from either side.

      By the way,

    2. Hamas's characteristics don't change the fact that Netanyahu and his radical religious/nationalist allies are acting disturbingly like Russia or Assad and continue to covet the West Bank. These guys played a huge role in escalating tensions to the point where this war broke out and is very hard to end. It was a long list of actions, not just their constant settlement building.

      Hamas shares considerable blame in sustaining this war and its general conduct but the Israeli side of the coin also presented a terrible strategy that has a long record of producing an outcome worse than the pre-war situation. They bear a huge amount of responsibility for the atrocities shown on this blog's timelines.

    3. Anyone with some knowledge of Israeli politics knows that Netanyahu tried as much as he can to prevent this escalation, he got heavy criticism from his right wing allies on that. He had to fire a deputy defense minister due to excess criticism.

      The main issues that bother Israeli public are economic. Wars cost money, and the Israeli public wont like the increased taxes and/or budget cuts as a result.

      Hamas knew that, and kept raising the stakes by sending rockets to Israeli main cities and avoiding any offer to cease fire. This presented no other alternative to Netanyahu but to send the army in, although the death toll on both sides is big.

    4. And anyone who knows a reasonable amount about the politics of both countries sees that Netanyahu, not Abbas, and his friends was the primary reason the peace talks failed earlier this year. This helped lead to this war. He has been opposed to withdrawal from the West Bank and has drastically increased the volume of settlement building. His refusal to budge on these things has obviously added massive kindling to an already highly flammable situation. His reputation globally is now destroyed also from war crimes.

    5. Dear Anonymous8/06/2014 04:11:00 PM,

      You can blame Netanyahu as much as you want, but there was no Israeli army in Gaza strip when Hamas opened its rocket offensive on Israeli cities.

      The never ending attacks on Israeli cities from Palestinian territories actually strengthens the position that Israeli army presence is required there.

      The Palestinian approach since 1936 that violence is the solution has brought them only trouble and misery.

      On the other hand, this is the dominating approach in Iraq, Syria, Lybia and other states in the middle east, so its hard not to get carried away with the other zealots.

    6. This seems to have hit an impasse. My argument is not that Palestinian factions do not have an approach to contributed to the creation and continuance of this conflict, it is that particular . It just isn't possible to believe that there is nothing wrong with what Israeli has done not just in this war but even since the earliest stages of the conflict. Terrorism and other acts have been also used by Israel in what were not well advised choices. Hamas was a co-contributor but not the only one in the larger picture.

      There is no single, all encompassing cause of this conflict. We can glean from what Zeinobia posted and from other sources that some groups outside Gaza were pushing for a plan to focus on overthrowing the Gazan leadership as a means of weakening the unity government. Wars to remove leaderships from countries have mostly made these places worse, more violent, and led to massive civilian deaths. There is no reason to believe that doing this in Gaza will produce anything good.

  2. You fail to mention that the attack by Hamas rockets on Israeli cities also continues.

    Hamas will never agree to cease fire without accepting their conditions, some of the main conditions are addressing Egypt.


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