Sunday, July 27, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-20&21&22&23

Here is a double/double bill post with four episodes of the King Dandash’s tale which actually turned to be the adventure of Shamalan the lazy.

You can listen to episode 360th from Ramadan’s Radio Arabian nights after the break.

We continue to know more about the tale of Jinn king Gulbhar and Princess Mange. Gulbhar who disguised as a human being aka Prince Raja along his minister is mingling with humans more and more earning the confidence of Prince Shahab to the level that he asked for his daughter’s hand.

To episode 361th of our classical show

Princess Mango can not love that Prince Raja but agrees to marry him after lots of  pleas from her parents.

And in her wedding something unexpectedly happened.

Moments before the priest would pronounce a husband and a wife , the strange dervish creature Abu Tarab appears from no where telling them to stop the marriage immediate.

And when they asked why , Abu Tarab revealed that Prince Raja is not a human prince but a Jinn tyranny who used to kidnap human girls and rape them before he would lock them for eternity in his realm.

Now to episode 362th

After saving the day , Abu Tarab put a spell to protect the princess in her palace. He put a spell on a roaster which would be locked in a closet in a room besides her room. That roaster would call him if Gulbhar ever thought of coming near to Mango.

Knowing the truth about Mango and Gulbhar , poor Shamalan wonders why his monkey would such a thing. Hoping to search for an answer , he returns to that golden palace the monkey made for him only to find out that there are no palace or servants anymore. He only found his mother crying besides their old hut.

He thought of returning back to the Palace he bought downtown which he gave to evil Ma’atoa. His mother warns him but he does not listen.

Ma’atoa forged documents that that palace was hers and she claimed that she did not know Shamalan or his mother.

Shamalan suddenly returns to his old laziness and can not move a muscle and his poor mom returned to work as a maid.

And then to episode 363th

Poor princess Mango is locked up in the Jinn realm and according to evil Gulbhar it would take ten years to find her. She still loves Shamalan and calls for his name every minute.

Both Shamalan and his poor mom got an expected visitor : Ma’ato , Ma’atoa’s son who does not approve his mom’s behavior. He asks Mabrooka to come with him while Shamalan , lazy as before stays at home.

Later Shamalan got another unexpected visit.

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