Thursday, July 31, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-24&25

I think I have to apologize for the first time we continue that series of episodes after Ramadan. I am trying to find an appropriate time to post the rest of the episodes.

Now to refresh your mind with the tale or rather the adventure of Shamalan.

Here are episodes 24 and 25

Here is episode 364

And Abu Tarab , the mystic creature that appears from no where appears once again to Shamalan telling him what to do not only to save his beloved princess but also to save the Jinn Nation from that tyranny called Gulbhar. Shamalan would travel to a place where he would search for someone called Salamah who would lead him to the princess

In the Jinn realm , princess Mango refuses to give up to King Gulbhar and he is not mad. His kingdom is also facing another challenge. There are rebels who are trying to bring him down but he does not care as he is thinking only about Mango.

And episode 365

Shamalan travels and searches for Salama. He reaches to an old house where an old couple suddenly welcome him and tell him that they have been waiting for him for years now. They tell him that Abu Tarab told them everything. He tells that he wants to speak to Salama.

And they take him to Salama that turns to be a donkey. Yup and that donkey should speak him and so Shamalan would wait till the donkey speaks.

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