Thursday, August 21, 2014

#EgyPoliceToUS : More than a cruel Joke

If you think that the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs’ statement  slamming the US Police in Ferguson and how it treats protests was a cruel joke, wait till you read this.

Egypt’s ministry of interior official spokesperson Hany Abdel Latiff had some tips to the American police !! oh Yes tips from Egyptian police to the US !! Because you know the Egyptian police champions human rights and freedom of express and assembly above all !!

The official spokesperson of Egyptian police : The U.S police uses excessive force with protesters !!

Abdel Latiff was the one who claimed that the 30 June protests sabotaged the US plot against the Arab world according to Hillary Clinton’s fake memories.

Talk to me about cruel jokes indeed.

Because we love jokes Egyptian tweeps shared some tips to the US on how to deal with the protesters according to the Egyptian regime and Egyptian style book.

The cruel jokes did not stop at here I am afraid.

On his official twitter account former MP and Pro-Military/Pro-Mubarak state Mostafa Bakry went on fire and suggested that the Black oppressed people in the United States should ask for the help of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi to save them from Obama’s oppression.


  1. This is truly a Black Comedy that only shows that our Officials and their Media are deliberately disconnected from Reality...What's so frustrating is that many Egyptian buy their false rhetoric!

    1. Mushrooms survive by being fed manure and kept in a dark room! Do you see any similarities?

  2. Mostafa Bakry should shut up, because black Americans have no interest in the fascist thug Sisi's useless "help" or that of his racist interior minister.

    Has Bakry suggested yet that Obama is supposedly a secret Muslim? His regime has taken to quoting the American right before.

    Also, Egyptian book burning, lol. What a regime.

  3. Haha I laughed. Great tips.


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