Sunday, August 17, 2014

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2014: King Dandash’s tale-30,31,32

And We will conclude our Ramadan Arabian Nights tale for this year tonight. I know it is late but it is never too late.

Tonight we conclude our tale , we will know what happened to Shamalan and how he became a Sultan not to mention whether he defeated Gulbhar

Here is the 30th episode after the break

Now poor Shamalan fell in to the trap at the Jinn realm , he believed an old Jinn he met there foolishly. That old Jinn turned to be the evil vizier Abd Nar who took Shamalan to the palace of Gulbhar. At the Palace evil Gulbhar turns Shamalan in to a monkey hoping that he would trap princess Mango.

On the other hand the rebels made their plans to revolt against Gulbhar who is extremely depressed over the loss of Mango.

Now to the 31th episode

There is a revolution in the Jinn realm and Gulbhar’s kingdom is falling down. He knew that the rebels were preparing to attack his palace and yet he could not leave ; he was preparing a trap for princess Mango.

Thus he asks the help of Satan , yup Satan. Satan appears and knows what the cruel Jinn king wants : A protection. Satan tells him that he would cast a spell for once to protect his palace against only one attack . Gulbhar agrees.

And so Satan casts a spell to protect Gulbhar’s Palace that if anyone comes near it , flames of fire will burn it.

Princess Mango knew that her beloved husband was captured at Gulbhar’s palace and thus without the rebels’ knowledge she headed to Gulbhar’s Palace to meet her destiny.

Yes Princess Mango was the victim of Satan’s spell , she was burnt alive in some unusual twist in the Arabian nights. Gulbhar is sad , angry and mad. On the other hand the rebels were nearly losing hope that they would be able to attack the Palace but they got the news and they attacked the Palace thanks to Mango’s sacrifice.

To the last episode of our Arabian Nights this year.

The rebels attacked Gulbhar’s Palace defeating him and his men. They found Shamalan and one of their elderly broke the magic spell turning him to a human being again. In act of respect to his sacrifices and bravery , the Jinn crowned him as their Sultan. Shamalan’s first order as the Sultan of Jinn realm was to release all human girls kidnapped by Gulbhar.

Shamalan’s second order as the Jinn Sultan was to give up the throne asking the Jinn to help him return back home to his mother. The Jinn respect his wish and they even decided to return back home to him his wealth and palaces.

And that’s was the sad tale of Shamalan who became the Sultan of Jinn , who travels the land grieving for his beloved Mango for three years.

King Dandash listens to the story of Shamalan amazed and admired at the same. He is so admired that offers Shamalan his own daughter as a wife , he appoints him also as a crown. Shamalan refuses to marry the princess because he still loves Mango even without seeing her.

And so the King orders Shamalan to see his daughter and for his own surprise Shamalan finds an identical twin sister of his beloved Mango , even the same spirit.

Thus Shamalan marries King Dandash’s daughter and they live happily ever after.

See you next Ramandan inshallah.

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