Friday, September 5, 2014

Watch this : #ISIS is our daughter

I want to write about ISIS or ISIL or IS or whatever you like to call it but unfortunately I do not have the time now. Thankfully Saudi tweep Abdel Rahman Shehri made an interesting video discussing nearly the same ideas I wanted to discuss about the world's last nightmare.The video is called ISIS is our daughter and please watch it till the end.

By the way all respect to British Muslims who attacked IS for real and without fear.


  1. I have just one question for Abdel Rahman Shehri who must surely be a prince if not a sultan to afford such fine white raiment, and to wear it so well. Who does your laundry, my good man, and what detergent, bleach, etc., do they use?

  2. Jason, what image do you have of Arabs that someone in a white clean garb resembles a prince or sultan for you?

    1. You're right. It was wrong of me to pigeonhole him like that. He could easily be a sheikh.

  3. Excellent points he made. They will go of course, unheeded for the most of mankind unfortunately, as we all think we are right and "they" are wrong :( We are right and "they" are the evil ones.

  4. Anonymous 11:12:00 AM, my mind was open. Would it be, finally, I asked myself, that I'd see a Muslim "own" the problem of Islamic terrorism? And then to my disappointment I saw he'd rather talk about Native Americans, and scalping, and whatnot, and drag forth the banal, exhausted truism that members of any religion can be terrorists, and I saw that the hoped-for ownage was not to be forthcoming, but only the same old denialist Arab bullshit, denying that today, worldwide, Islam has cornered the market on terrorism to the extent that non-Islamic terrorism is negligible in comparison, less than roundoff error, and I knew I'd be more interested in his best practices vis-à-vis laundry. For verily his radiant white thawb, unlike his boiler-plate denial, is praiseworthy.

    1. While I agree that about people taking control of the problem and addressing it, it seems that the amount of non-religion related terrorism is substantially underestimated. Terrorism conducted for drugs, nationalism, patriotism, and political ideology compose sizeable percentage of worldwide terrorism as well. Not to diminish the other problems like IS, but there are very active terrorist movements of non-religious persuasions, like Maoists in India, separatist terrorists in Ukraine directly, and countless other cases. Domestic terrorism reports in the United States also show a surprisingly high amount of non-religion related attacks.

  5. WWI and WWII...
    Non Muslims destroid their beatiful Europ twice and murdered over 70 Millions, ...
    and now their are some Videos about planning for WWIII !!!!

    Who are the Terrorists ?

  6. Notification, I did some googling to quantify Muslim terrorism and I am distressed to find estimates as low as 6%, which are ludicrous self-deception, so clearly this is not going to be settled here. I had not heard of the Maoist terrorists in India you mention. Maoists, really? What a quaint anachronism.

    I am not alone in noticing, though, that no matter where they are in the world, Muslims are unable to live peacefully with their neighbors, even if the neighbors belong to a different school of Islam. Russia, China and India all have Muslim problems. The USA is a global power and has Muslim problems both at home and recurrently abroad. Britain and France have terrible problems with their own Muslims. All is not well in the relationship between the indigenous Spanish, Italians, Germans, and Dutch and the Muslims who live there, where they are primarily responsible for resurgent antisemitism in Europe. The Sunni and the Shia Muslims don't get along, as I alluded to above. In America Muslims recruit in prisons, turning common criminals into ticking time bombs fueled by religious fervor. Majority Muslim countries treat non-Muslim minorities shabbily the world over, and in fact outrages like the jizya are justified in the Quran. Turkey seems unlikely ever to acknowledge their (the Ottoman's) genocide of Christian Armenians. There's no point in going on.


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