Thursday, November 20, 2014

You must sing the same song in Oceania

This is getting silly but it is expected in that Nazi fascist atmosphere we started it with banning columnists , TV shows , TV hosts as well books so it is natural this craziness reaches to songs.

Singer Hamza Namira's songs are now banned in the Egyptian radio service officially because he opposes the current regime that fights terrorism now.
Pro-25 January revolution Namira's songs were non-Mainstream whether before or after the revolution as they usually discuss social matters.
Of course Namira is accused of being a Muslim Brotherhood member because his records label is the famous Awakening records. Awakening records label is known for its Islamist leaning.
After July 3 ,2013 and what followed it , Namira produced this song "What shall I say" denouncing polarization , hate and violence.
Namira's song "Dream with me" became a true hit after the revolution when famous activist Wael Ghonim revealed that he used to sing it to himself while blindfolded in detention at State security HQ in January 2011 following his arrest before 28 January Day of rage

Anyhow congratulations to Namira , now more people will listen to his songs.

Of course as we are speaking about that fasicist wave in arts and media , I can not ignore what famous TV host and journalist Wael Al-Abrashi did to the talented orphaned girls who refused to sing the favorite Pro El-Sisi/Military song "Teslam El-Ayadi" {Blessed the hands} on air.
From couple of days ago Al-Abrashi hosted a group of talented orphaned girls from some choir and he wanted them to sing that Pro-army song but the girls refused. He was totally shocked and stunned wondering if those girls were influenced by the MB especially the girls told him that they know its lyrics but would not sing it.

The video went viral online where many people praised the bravery of those little girls. Anyhow this was too fast as from two days ago Al-Abrashi hosted one of those girls who sang the song on air in same fake victory for him.

Already I can not imagine what happened to this girl and other girls after refusing to sing that song on air in the first time.

"Teslam El-Ayadi" so-called operetta praising the Egyptian armed forces was a hit after 3 July 2013 with its catchy folk tunes.
Anyone with good musical Arabic and Egyptian folk music memory will know that its composer and singer Mostafa Kamel plagiarised famous 1960s Singer Sherifa Fadel's song about the holy month of Ramadan.

By the way I forgot to mention that cultural grassroots movement "El-Fan Midan" was suspended because the security forces refused to give it the permits despite the ministry of culture's support to such popular event.
Anyhow in Oceania you must sing the songs the big brother tells you to sing.


  1. Z when Will you be done with your incessants rants? It's becoming boring and senile.

  2. The incumbency effect is going to kick Sisi's posterior. That will make giving him second, third, fourth and fifth terms very difficult.

  3. اتمنى من السيد الدكتور المحافظ عبدالفتاح السيسى ...رأفة بالعباد فى بر مصر المحروسة ..( من ايه مش عارف ) ان يلغى كافة القوانين المعمول بها فى مصر ويصدر قرارات جمهورية بتحديد المباحات فى كل منحى من مناحى الحياة فقط علشان ما نوجعش قلبنا يعنى ونفكر وكمان علشان نبقى على قلب رجل واحد ..يعنى يطلع لنا مرسوم فقط بعشرة اكلات مصرية و10 ممثلين نتفرج عليهم ( طبعا والباقى انتم عارفين ايه ) و10 كتاب ( برضه والباقى عارفين حيكونوا ايه ) والباقى بقى يتعدموا لانهم خونة ومش موجودين فى القائمة اللى بيصدرها السيد المحافظ


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