Thursday, November 13, 2014

The good news of the week : Comet landing

And as the bad news shower us every day about people getting killed in Egypt whether in road accidents or terrorist attacks or in prison or in protests or they just commit suicide out of despair and depression , the Philea comet landing is like a fresh air or rather hope.

Okay this will sound strange , after all why the comet landing can be considered something cheerful for some Egyptians realistically speaking when half of the country does not know about this mission in the first place. Well simply because there are 4 Egyptian scientists participating in that world breakthrough.

Yes those men are participating in that big achievement and we should be proud of them. Those men are Dr. Ahmed Shafei "28 years old", Dr. Essam Heggy "39 years old" , Dr. Essam Marouf "56 years old" and Dr. Ramy El-Maarry "35 years old".

Among those 4 scientist Dr. Essam Heggy , oh yes Essam Heggy who revealed that fact yesterday after finding out that the media in Egypt has nothing to speak about except the so-called "The Gharbia's Salafist stud" or the latest sex scandal in Egypt. "You can know about that in other websites".

We all remember how Heggy was being called loser and retard by the Pro-Military media in Egypt for daring to criticize the amazing Kofta device. Well Heggy is having a big laugh now.Below the photos of Heggy,El-Maarry and Marouf.

Of course we can not ignore the Egyptian origin of both words "Philea" or "Rosetta"

By the way the mainstream media does not care that much about the Philea landing and they did not know that there are Egyptians involved in this historical event including the man slammed from several months ago for saying the truth about Kofta device.

Anyhow there may be troubles facing Philea but it reached the comet.
Here are photos of the original Philea in Egypt


  1. Unfortunately the lander's battery has run out of power, is reporting this morning.

    They cannot be recharged because the solar panels are in shadow.

    It took ten years to fly there!

    What a shame. I had been looking forward to some good pics from the surface.

  2. Nice to see some interesting developments involving Egyptian scientists. Pathetic, though, that backwards media cultists and authoritarian thugs display hostility to such creativity (perhaps they believe exploring space is the goal of an MB conspiracy?).

    Slightly to the west, a democratic country near Egypt is set to hold a free and fair presidential election with a pleathora of candidates. A variety of diverse political options are available; Marzouki, Sebsi, Hammami, Riahi, Kannou, and others. Quite a contrast with another presidential election that was held over the summer.

    Meanwhile, though not Arab, Indonesia continues to refute the notion that there is linkage or correlation between political freedoms/popular participation and the growth of civil liberties.

    No one should want the Arab world to remain frozen in time any longer. The youth of these countries will eventually tear down the desolate physical and mental wastelands created by those who could not see opportunity if their lives depended on it.

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  4. Replies
    1. Not really. By outlawing democratic and secular Muslims, even also the Bros, these regimes are trying to market a contest between themselves and ISIS, leaving no other choices. Any cold war between Wahabbi kings/military dictators and ISIS is obviously going to make ISIS stronger than it otherwise would be. These kingdoms like to act as ISIS's useful idiots by destroying any sort of force in the Muslim world that could take a real stand against it.

      Remember, the UAE is backing an Egyptian regime which today experienced acquittal for a FGM performing doctor. So, why aren't these Wahabbi leaders considered terrorists too? Can anyone say for sure that leaders of the Egyptian regime, especially Sisi, haven't had their daughters undergo FGM? The GCC states suppress all forms of freedom of speech, dissent and thought.

      It only helps to list movements that actually do commit terrorism on terrorism lists. Anything else is just a waste of valuable police resources on hunting down political and economic enemies. That, too, helps extremists. Wahabbis hunting American Muslims is a sick irony.


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