Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Watch CPJ's Under threat : Egyptian press in peril

New York based Committee to Protect Journalists "CPJ" released that short documentary about Press in Egypt now. It is called "Under threat : Egyptian press in peril". I highly recommend watching it.

The documentary's title is perfect to describe the situation of press and media in general now in Egypt. They are in peril.

There is something being cooked when it comes to media right now. First we got the meeting of the major newspapers editors in Chief from couple of weeks ago. They announced that they would support the state. Second we got the meeting of the private newspapers' editors in chief who declared that they would form some sort of a chamber. I do not understand the role of that chamber to be honest. I feel that there is something being cooked and its smell is not good.

Of course some of you have known that Le Monde Diplomatique editor Alain Gresh was detained earlier today in Cairo for couple of hours along Egyptian journalists Sara Khorshid and Reem Khorshid because they were speaking about political affairs in Le Poire Cafe in Garden City near the British Embassy. They were arrested after being reported by some lady sitting in the cafe who heard them talk about politics in Egypt and went mad on how they dare to speak about politics. It is more than alarming. Again hours laters Greshe and the Khorshid sisters were released. The ministry of interior apologizd to the Le Monde Diplomatique editor but damage has been done.

What happened today to Gresh and the Khorshids is a result of the Pro-regime's incitement media. It is just sad.

Great days !!!


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  1. Mubarak, Tantawi, Morsi, Sisi....how absurd can it get? The worst are promoted and rewarded in Egypt while the best are shunned and killed.


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