Friday, December 26, 2014

Watch This Exclusive Report From #Aleppo

Watch this amazing report from inside the city of Aleppo, from Syria by Rami Jarrah. He recorded those few minutes with the Free Syrian Army in Inzarat area , in the city of Aleppo.
Click on CC in order to read the English caption
By the way the Black Flag with Shahada appearing in the video besides the Syrian independence flag is not ISIS’ flag but rather Al-Nusra Front , its rival group.
Please follow Rami's impressive YouTube channel "AnaPress" to get more updates from Syria as well about Syria from Syrians.
I can not hide how I am angry from the world on letting Syria slip in to that chaos turning a revolution against a dictatorship regime in to a war whose main players are two radical bastards : Al-Assad Regime and ISIS.
I can not hide how I feel angry when I remember the role the Gulf countries whether Saudi Arabia or Qatar played in creating ISIS by using religion and sectarianism in the past three years in order to get rid from Iran !!
 Now they are paying the price. The Gulf state did not waste any time in to turning the Arab spring in to failure whether to keep their throne or fight Iran. Ironically and expectedly it turned over their head and we got ISIS like a bad cancer.


  1. "Now they are paying the price." As Hillary Clinton warned the Pakistani generals just a few years ago, you can't keep snakes in your backyard and expect them only to bite the neighbors.

  2. ISIS has grown out of many different and opposing influences.
    If you think that the original 1979 Islamic Revolution and the creation of the Islamic Republic of Iran did not contribute to the rise of political Islam and eventually Jihadism you are missing a large piece of the puzzle. Wahabbi warriors against the Russians in Afghanistan were inspired by the original Islamic State (Iran), anti-modern, anti-Western and Sharia-compliant. The MB itself was something of an inspiration to theocrats like Khomenei.
    ISIS also germinated in US holding centers in Iraq and coordinated its activities against US forces with the Assad regime allowing it to transit Syria to attack US troops probably with the blessing of Iran. The Gulf has given some of the Syrian groups money at various times, as fellow Sunnis.
    On the whole, a fractured, fragmented story with very little logic to it. Who benefits? No one really. Though all think they do.
    Who benefited when Cambodia became the country that turned the cosmos on its head? Not China, Vietnam, Usa or Ussr, though they all had a hand in the game. Syria/Iraq under ISIS is Pol Pot all over again. It only ended when Vietnam invaded Cambodia. Its possible, Iran will invade in this case (if they haven, t already started doing so).


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