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#Jan25 : And the blood once again comes close to Tahrir square “Graphic”

Earlier today Leftist Popular socialist alliance party announced that it was organizing a march from Talaat Harb square to Tahrir square in order to put flowers at the Revolution memorial in the square. The security forces dispersed that small peaceful rally afternoon by excessive force using birdshot killing one of the party’s members Shaimaa El-Sabagh.
Shaimaa El-Sabbagh
Shaimaa El-Sabagh in her last moments
"Al-Fagr Newspaper"
Shaimaa El-Sabbagh
Shamiaa El-Sabagh after she was shot
"Youm 7"
El-Sabagh is a party leading member in Alexandria.She is also a mother of a 5-years old boy called Bilal.

Shaimaa and her son Bilal "Facebook"
The party informed the MOI by the protest and the secretary general of party spoke with the Police general standing in Talaat Harb square ready and told him that it was a peaceful rally according to an eye witness.

The rally did not chant against El-Sisi but chanted for social justice.  Nevertheless, the security forces dispersed the rally madly using bird shots and tear gasses.

 Shaimaa El-Sabagh and another party member were transferred to the hospital according to the early statements of the leftist party whereas 6 of its members , from the protesters were arrested including El-Sabagh’s husband.

Of course, the ministry of interior “MOI” claims that Shaimaa was not killed by the security forces in cold blood claiming that there were clashes between the protesters and the security which is also untrue. Photos and videos show that there was a rally that was dispersed by force , by security forces and the protesters did not fight back or engage in any clash. They were holding flowers wrath for God’s sake. The MOI also claimed that it was investigating the murder of the young leftist activist claiming at the same time that the MB Media is spreading lies and that protesters attacked the security forces with fireworks !!!

Updated @10:53 PM

Shaimaa's autopsy report
The forensic authority issued its report about Shaimaa’s cause of death : She was shot three times by The type of birdshot killed her is identical to the birdshot used by police as well the citizens.  “Citizens my ass!!! as far as I know the birdshot and firearms ammunitions used by the security forces are different from those in the market”

She was shot from a short range. The birdshot led to a laceration in the lung and in the heart.

The official spokesperson of forensic authority also told Reuters’ Aswat Masriya that they got orders from the prosecutor general’s office not to reveal the results of their autopsy report.

According to lawyer Malek Adly , the prosecution is refusing to take the testimonies of the eye-witnesses who have been arrested in the protest including Shaimaa’s husband.
Here are eye witnesses’ accounts about what happened.

Here is part of the first testimony , from Nancy Attia as  published in Arabic at Shark Al Masry Al Youm website.
At 3.30 PM I found a 100-people rally carrying the banners with the logo of Popular Socialist alliance party in Huda Sharaway street , downtown Cairo. After few moments the police forces moved its armored vehicles towards the rally and started to shot tear gas grenades ,I was in a street adjacent to Huda Sharaway street besides the famous “Bostan Café”  when I heard the sounds of firearms and I ran to see towards the sound. I did not know its sources then. Then I saw one of the security forces personnel aiming his rifle towards a girl , I ran back to the café. Moments later I saw a number of young men carrying the same girl in front of the café asking me to help her as I am a girl like her. I saw her bleeding from head. I tried to stop the bleeding but I failed.
The cameras were there to document the last moments of Shaimaa in the arms of her husband. Yes and it is hard to watch or see those videos and photos and not to feel angry.
The other testimony is from photographer Osama Hammam who took photos documenting what happened to late El-Sabagh.

My testimony to what happened in the Popular Alliance Party rally in Talaat Harb square.The rally started from Huda Sharaway street where 30 people were carrying flowers and chanting “Bread, freedom , social and Justice”. They arrived to Talaat Harb square and stood on the sidewalk while the security forces were on the opposite side Their chants did not go beyond “Bread,Freedom, social justice”. Suddenly the security forces fired several tear gas grenades and we were all amazed. I did not run. I found Shaimaa El-Sabagh walking besides me along with couple of protesters that did not run away. Suddenly we found birdshots being shot , I started to ran and taking shots quickly. When the birdshots stopped, I stopped and looked behind and I found Shaimaa El-Sabagh falling down, I took couple of photos for her. Then I found her colleagues trying to make her stand and she did not come up. I found the police coming and I had to run. God be my witness. 
Now this storify's slide show documents the protest from its start till its sad end from different news websites and photographers. The death of Shaimaa El-Sabagh is documented.

This video is from MENA , Egypt’s official news agency owned by the State. It documents the final moments of Shaimaa before admitting to the hospital. Some say that people in Europe can not get access to the video. Interestingly MENA claims in the video’s description that Shamiaa El-Sabagh fell on her head !! It is worth to mention that the Popular Alliance Party’s HQ is in front of MENA News Agency HQ in Talaat Harb Sqaure, Downtown Cairo.
MENA : Shamiaa El-Sabagh’s last moments.
Here is another copy of the video on the Facebook page.

Pro-Regime Youm 7 also shared a video of the protest showing the last moments of Shaimaa chanting as well when she was shot down. In one of the scenes , we see one of the CSF officers holding a birdshot rifle
Youm 7 : The last moments in the life of Shamiaa El-Sabagh
Another video from Pro-Regime El-Bawaba showing her after being shot.
El-Bawaba : The last moments of Shaimaa El-Sabagh
This is the second murder of a protester , a woman protester in less than 24 hours. On Friday security forces shot down a 17 years old Pro-Morsi girl called Sondos Reda
Late 17 years old Sondos
I see what happened to Sondos and then to Shaimaa and I remember those wise words said about the Nazi , they came for the Jews then for the socialists then they came for me.
Just right now Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is addressing the Nation saluting the 25 January revolution saluting its martyrs !!

Needless to say, almost all the Pro-Sisi/Pro-Mubarak/Pro-Regime tweeps and social media users are so happy for the murder of Shaimaa and are actually supporting the ministry of interior as well the state’s merciless crackdown on dissidents. It is disgusting to read their justifications.
Of course, there is no news to speak with them because in the end of the day they are fascists. Interestingly we got Copy/Paste comments by the Pro-Sisi supporters accusing the MB of killing Shaimaa El-Sabagh on twitter and Facebook. Here is an example from the video post in the official Facebook page of Pro-regime journalist Adel Hammouda, the blue arrows show identical comments accusing the MB of killing Shaimaa.
Now the Night talk shows are spreading lies about the protest publishing video clips from Thursday’s clashes between the police and Pro-Morsi Ahrar Movement protesters in Talaat Harb as if they were shot today in order to make the people believe that there were protests for real.
Justice for Shaimaa and Sondos , justice for our martyrs who died while dreaming for better Egypt.


  1. I'm so very sorry.... This is a tragedy for us all... All people matter, their voices should be heard. She deserved to live her life. She did not deserve to die so cruelly.

  2. Brave young woman. This story makes me cry. We cannot let fear be our guidance, even if it leads to this. We should continue to speak up, and make people in the world aware what is happening. Guns will not silence us.

  3. Allah swt ya Rhames wa yah send Ely has. Our Youth die in fighting injustice.
    Allah swt delay but not negliCT.

  4. Such a great woman. Extremely sad.

    Any rational person can now see that Sisi and the leadership of the Ministry of Interior are terrorists.

    Once they are overthrown, no fly lists will be need to ensure that these terrorist maniacs are arrest and brought to justice.

  5. The Human Rights Watch analysis of this murder is very powerful:

  6. El-Sabagh is a leading member in the party in Alexandria.She is a also a mother of a 5-years old boy called Bilal.facebook

  7. Justice for Shaimaa and Sondos , justice for our martyrs who died while dreaming for better Egypt. facebook

  8. Allah swt ya Rhames wa yah send Ely has. Our Youth die in fighting injustice.
    Allah swt delay but not negliCT. facebook


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