Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Merry Coptic Christmas 2015 :)

Merry Coptic Christmas to all Egyptian Chronicles readers celebrating it tonight around the globe especially in Egypt.
On this merry occasion, I would like to share with you this Ahram Online video report by Randa Ali about Egypt’s Hanging Church after 16 days on renovations.
Inside Cairo’s Hanging Church
Of course tonight President Abdel El-Fattah El-Sisi stole the Christmas with his short visit to the Christmas mass. Addressing the public inside the cathedral, El-Sisi has become the first Egyptian president to attend a Christmas mass even for a very short time. Other Egyptian presidents also attended other masses in the Cathedral but none had attended even for a short time the Christmas mass.
For the historical record , ousted Islamist Morsi attended the Christmas mass in 2012 as the leader of Freedom and Justice Party, not as a president.
Now fairly El-Sis won the admiration of many Egyptian Coptic Christians “except of course the revolution Christian Youth who have not forgotten Mina Daniel and his brothers”  and got more hatred from Conservative Islamists who have not forgotten what he said at Al-Azhar from changing the Islamic religious discourse and need for “Religious revolution”.
Tonight, all TV channels in Egypt as well Egyptian Christian TV channels are flying the moon with that symbolic visit while you can imagine how the Islamists including the MB are turning this visit on a proof that El-Sisi fights Islam and supports the Church …etc.
As much as I understand how many Christians are over the moon with that visit , one of the lessons I learnt from the past 4 years when it comes to “unprecedented” moves, visits and decisions, it is a political PR for both inside and outside audience by politicians and Rulers.
 Personally I do not care about such visit even it is symbolic because in the end of the day it is a temporary “symbolic” in a country where there is no true citizenship, where there is deep religious discrimination in the State institutions including the institutions El-Sisi comes from, where there is a deep religious sectarianism.
The problem is the Christians will always pay either way because of politics in Mideast as a minority because of the dirty politics and that dirty game between undemocratic military based regimes and Islamists. This is a fact.
Anyhow enough of that El-Sisi who stole Christmas. Let’s remember that tonight Orthodox Christians celebrate the birth of a prophet who was considered by his people as a rebel.
The holy family in Egypt 

Merry Christmas once again.


  1. It is pretty obvious that Sisi helped instigate the Maspero massacre and definitely approved of it. The SCAF regime that he was part of stirred up hysterical anti-Christian trash to try to "justify" the atrocity. The military occasionally changes its rhetoric but it never changes its inner nature. If Tawdros ever speaks against them, his fate will be prison, torture, etc.

    Still no apology for Mina Daniel, nor any sort of accountable for the state terrorists who murdered him. Fascists love sectarianism when it is committed by military fascists. Their motto: "ANYTHING but democracy. As long is a non-democratic regime dos it, it's great."

    Can anyone imagine the reaction and outrage that would ensue if a democratic government allowed a sectarian loon like the current Interior Minister to run wild?

    The regime hates Christians like Halla Shukrallah.

    Have Sisi's female relative undergone FGM? That is a question that ought to be answered.

  2. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night!


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