Sunday, January 18, 2015

Rape is A Natural Thing, Do not make a big fuss about it !!

Sorry for the shocking for the headline but this is what exactly TV host Amany El-Khayat advocated on her TV show last week on TV channel “Al-Qahara Wal Nas”. The TV host who once caused a diplomatic crisis with Morocco that cost her job in ONTV Network in 2014 is back to controversy. Now she got a TV show called “30/6” on “Al-Qahara Wal Nas” and she got a lot to say regarding the debate about the two low-ranking policemen who raped a girl last December. Mrs. El-Khayat believes that if we speak about this horrifying accident and how the two policemen were released by the court in a shocking ruling despite the forensic evidence then we are contributing to a sinister plot to bring down the ministry of interior. “Oh yeah”
Amany Khayat : So what .. rape is normal we are
According to Amany Khayat rape happens normally in the Egyptian society because we are 90 million people and that we should not make a big deal that two policemen raped or attempted to rape a girl. “It does not happen only in the sector of the low rank police officers , it happens everywhere as it is the nature of the society  !!” oh yes the Nature of the society is to rape !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So yes we should not speak about the violations of policemen to the law for fear that it will bring the ministry of interior down !! I do not even know how to listen to this logic.
Now as backstory Last December two low ranking policemen were arrested after being accused of raping a young lady in the backseat of a patrol Car in Cairo. Surprisingly the two policemen were released on bail of “LE 10,000” by the court in early January as they were charged by “indecent assault” as there has been no alleged penetration . Shockingly next day the State official forensic authority announced that despite the victim was still virgin ,  the “Seminal fluid” found on her clothes belonged to both policemen. The General prosecution has appealed the court order. The whole case is causing a lot of anger and it should be. We are speaking about rape or even an attempted rape by two policemen in a police patrol car backseat !!! Does this need a lot of debate and discussion for God’s sake !!??
ِA girl screams "Help" from inside a police patrol car
Cartoon by Doaa El-Adl 
Of course her statements made many people angry online and offline especially the Anti-Harassment activists. “Anti-Harassment Movement” campaign issued a small statement slamming Mrs. El-Khayat accusing her of being a person who justifies rape.
Amany El-Khayat justifies sexual harassers and rapists
Amany , the one who said “harassment and rape are normal in the society and focusing on the incident of the two policemen was an attempt to bring down the ministry of interior is justifying the rape of the girl by two policemen. This is how to spread treason charges and justifications to serve interests and political ideas regardless of the crime and the lack. It is not wrong to do our job but it is wrong if that job would cost us our humanity. 
Well speaking as a matter of fact the low ranking policemen sector is causing a lot of problems whether before or after the 25 January revolution with their constant violations to the law. These violations sometimes if not most of the times reach to the level of crimes.
The low ranking policemen are usually less educated than police officers. Graduated from high school and diplomas , they enjoy the low ranking policemen institute. Due to the crimes and violations committed by those policemen there have been a lot of debate about its use. Amazingly the regime in Egypt saw that this system was truly successful and decided to add a new rank of policemen with even less education !!!


  1. Question is how would be her reaction if happened to herself

  2. Sad, disgusting, and not limited to Egypt, as you soon find if you google "rape by police officers".


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