Thursday, January 22, 2015

#SisiLeaks : Episode 3 “ A Hotline to the Prosecutor General Office”

Sorry for discontinuing this interesting series, already I am late by two episodes , oh yes there are two more secret recordings related to the media have been released.
Now we got got an alleged leak related to both media and judiciary or rather prosecution. Once again it was aired late December on Pro-Muslim Brotherhood “MB” TV channel Al-Sharq TV just like the previous one.
Once again Major General Abbas Kamel , El-Sisi’s current chief of staff in presidency stars that alleged secret recording. Kamel was the head of his office in the ministry of defense.
Once again it was allegedly recorded from his office at the ministry of defense. There was another supporting actor who did not speak that much in the alleged recording : Current Chief of Staff Mahmoud Hegazy , who is also Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s in-law.
Heikal and El-Sisi in 2013 at Nasser's Tomb
"Hossam Diab"

That recording just like previous ones was recorded before the presidential elections when El-Sisi was still a minister of defense .
In that secret recording allegedly Major General Abbas spoke on the phone with the current Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat telling him that famous writer and veteran journalist Mohamed Hassanein Haikel asked him to remove the name of his son businessman Hassan Heikal from the travel ban list so he could return back to Egypt.
Hassan Heikal , the former executive managing director of EFG-Hermes is already accused along ousted president Mubarak’s sons Gamal and Alaa of profiteering in the sale of El-Watany Bank of Egypt (AWB) in 2012.
The trial is still going on. Mohamed Hassanein Haikel has met with El-Sisi several times and some say that the veteran journalist gave El-Sisi important advices especially in that critical time of 30 June 2013.
From the alleged conversation we found Kamel felt bad for what happened to Gamal and Alaa Mubarak and how they were in jail because of “what happened in January”.
There has been no official reaction regarding that leak.
The only person to speak about the alleged recording publicly from those involved or mentioned in the whole affair was Hassan Heikal.
An active tweep he spoke about the leak saying that there was nothing it defame him or defame the prosecutor general as till this moment his name is still on the travel ban list and he is not back in Egypt. Hassan Heikal is believed to be in London.

One last comment regarding this issue and I apologize that this is a private matter , the new leak does not defame because my name was not lifted from the travel ban
What is the problem of that leak in my opinion ?? It does not defame anyone as it is not about ending the trial but only to let me return back to Egypt. The problem of that leak is that it came after yesterday's leak.
Said Heikal referring to the shocking leak related to the Abu Zaabal’s horrifying incident.
By the way Hassan Heikal got very interesting political and economic views calling social justice through wealth tax and lifting up the energy subsidies the government gives to companies, a thing that many other businessmen reject. Once Naguib Sawiris attacks on twitter Hassan Heikal claiming that he became a socialist after the first 50.
Now interestingly the issue here is how an official allegedly working inside the minister of defense’s office asks the General prosecutor for a favor in a case or rather a current trial. It is like having a hotline between Kamel’s office and the prosecutor general’s office.
Also another issue is how a veteran journalist like Hassenein Heikal asks for a favor like that.
The Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters do not like Hassenein Heikal , after all they look to him as one of late President Nasser’s men. Nasser was their old nemesis and now Heikal is helping El-Sisi so You can imagine how they used the leak. Now I will dare and say that it is not only that MB hates old Heikal but also the one who originally and allegedly stood behind those recordings from inside the deep state and later leaked it to the MB.
In early December Hassenein Heikal appeared in a series of interviews on CBC speaking about the future of Egypt as well the region and old veteran journalist said it directly that President El-Sisi should lead a correction revolution against his current regime in order to make it through this critical time. The 91-years old journalist also slammed Mubarak and warned that his men were coming back to the scene.He also spoke about the secret recording leak related to Morsi’s whereabouts interestingly. He hinted out the recordings were authentic.
Heikal : El-Sisi has to revolt against his own regime.
Of course it seems that El-Sisi had addressed Heikal’s call to him in the same month when he said that bringing down the state’s institutions would not fix anything especially in current critical time and that it was better to adopt gradual reform. The word “Revolution” is hard for many people. Needless to say almost automatically all the Pro-Mubarak/Pro-Sisi journalists and TV hosts unleashed the same ol’ attack on Heikal in the media following that series of interview. May be that leak is another message to Heikal not to cross the line again and speak about revolutions against the Holy deep state
This can not be coincidence for me especially the timing and my own theory that there is some kind of a fight in mount Olympus or in the abyss of the deep state.

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