Sunday, February 8, 2015

Follow up : King Tut’s beard

"A belated post I could post with all that developmetns we had in Egypt since January 24" 
And at last the ministry of antiquities allowed photographers and journalists to check the golden funerary mask of King Tutankhamen and its epoxy glued beard in the Egyptian museum from two weeks ago and it looked terrible !! "Click on the photo to zoom in if you want to see the scratches"
A photo taken for the mask on January 24
by AP to the mask and beard in
The Egyptian Museum Cairo
Yes for me it is terrible especially when I compare it with old photos from couple of years ago or even from photos from 1990s .
The same news agency and the same mask
The ministry of antiquities held a press conference defending its position and announcing that German metal restoration expert Christian Eckmann would examine the priceless mask. Eckmann who was not appointed to restore the mask but rather was asked to examine it told  reporters that the mask was not totally damaged and that it “is” in a good condition of conservation. Strangely the German expert said that the newspapers were exaggerating !! He also said that there were no scratches on the beard except one  !!!! Well that one is enough for me. It looks to me that it is be badly scratched !!

A photo taken for the scratch by AP on 24 January 2015 
This photo was taken on the same day of the
Anyhow Eckmann said that this damage could be fixed, well I hope it is fixed. 
Aside note a new restoration section director was appointed in the Egyptian museum. Here is a storify photo slideshow showing different photos for King Tut’s mask in the museum by different photographers and news agencies on the same day of the presser
I hope people follow up the case of King Tut’s beard because it seems to be forgotten.

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  1. That's ridiculous. It is terribly scratched. And the epoxy looks disgusting.


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