Thursday, February 26, 2015

It is more about Sadism Than Animal Cruelty “+18”

Today Egyptian social media woke up to find yet another shocking video going viral. That video shows the brutal beating and stabbing of a dog till death by three grown ups. Here is a the video , it is extremely graphic. “+18”

The story of that poor dog is as follows. In working class semi-rural Shubra El-Kheima city,  a young man had a nasty fight with two brothers in Al-Ahram street. The young man brought his big dog to the fight where it attacked the two brothers and a man who had nothing to do with the fight. The
Late Max with his owner OSHA "OSHA Facebook page"
dog’s owner escaped the scene for fear of those two brothers’ anger. The Brothers and the man sued the dog’s owner who was sentenced one year in jail for attack and assault. This  week the dog’s owner returned back to Al-Ahram street and asked his enemies for reconciliation so they can drop the lawsuit and subsequently the prison sentence. The brothers asked for one thing : To kill the dog in front of everybody in the street so they could restore their pseudo-prestige after being humiliated by a dog. The dog’s owner agreed and we had that video.
As we live in the age of the social media , his owner was identified.
Of course the owner of the dog is trying to save his ass. He is the most hated person in Egypt now. After all he gave up the dog that saved his ass. Anyhow he published his status on his Facebook page.

Post by OS HA.

“ I am sorry Max , it was out of my hands” Osha , Max’s owner says.
In another post Osha asks God to forgive him for what happened to poor Max.  I think Osha will deactivate his Facebook page soon.
Hamda and the Fatwa 
The three men who stabbed the dog were also identified in matter of hours. The man who stabbed the dog madly turned to be a real butcher. Mr. Hamda El-Gazaar says on his FB account before that he was a bad person and there was a fatwa issued by Renowned Saudi Sheikh Muhammad ibn al Uthaymeen
deactivating it
It is interesting how that butcher uses fatwas of Sheikhs and ignores the direct quotes of Prophet Mohamed “PBUH” which order believers to be merciful with animals. We know that a woman was sent to hell for torturing a cat whereas God forgave for a woman working as prostitute for aiding a dog. Muslim warriors got specific orders not to harm animals or plants in wars for God’s sake. 
That butcher is example of how many Muslims unfortunately use fatwas to justify their wrongdoings.
When I think about it everybody is doing it whether political regimes or groups like ISIS. I am sorry if I am reflecting politics on social issues but I feel the whole thing is connected.
Now when it comes to legal consequences, I do know if those three men can be held accountable in the first place. Yes there is article 45 that speaks about animal rights
Article 45:  The state also commits to the protection and development of green space in urban areas; the protection of plants, livestock and fisheries; the protection of endangered species; and the prevention of cruelty to animals. All the foregoing takes place as regulated by law
Also the Egyptian panel code criminalizes the killing or harming the animals privately owned as long as they are useful like livestock. I do not know if dogs consider like livestock in the Egyptian law. 
But we should not forget that legally the owner of that dog agreed in his reconciliation with those men that they would kill poor Max for dropping the lawsuit against him. 
Nevertheless Renowned Animal Right activists Dina Zulfakir and Kafa Al-Diwnay  have filed a report in Kasr Al-Nil police station.

Zulfakir is also organizing a stand next Saturday in Cairo , in Zamalek against Animal Cruelty. You know in the past I used to look to that kind of activism as luxury but now I believe it is extremely important and it is admirable what Zulfakir does from work in a society that ridicules human rights activists and believes that human right activism is a luxury so you can imagine how they look to animal rights activism. 
On Social media the incident created huge outcry. “Al-Ahram_Street_Dog” and “Haram_Street_Dog” were top trending in Egypt on Wednesday.
There is a Facebook page called “Al-Ahram_street-Dog”
Now I do not think that it has to do with the animal cruelty which exists in Egypt as much it has to do with the increasing sadism in the Egyptian society. Yes there is increasing sadism and social violence that no one can deny. After all that amount of violence towards the dog as seen in the video is indicator of sadism.
Yesterday Egypt’s Female version of Jerry Springer Riham Al-Saeed aired a video showing an attempted rape of a girl by 4 young men. Oh yes on TV millions of Egyptians saw a blurred semi-naked body of a 15 years old girl beaten mercilessly and madly by three young men and the fourth one was filming the whole thing on his mobile phone in order to teach that girl a lesson for God knows what. I did not see the whole video but what I saw on TV was not about sexual desires more about violence and sadism. After all rape is another kind of sadism.
For several years videos surfaced on showing horrible amount of social violence among people them especially in rural areas where the law is absent and popular vigilance replaces it. 
By the way Pro-Morsi supporters started to complain online on how people speak about the dog and do not speak about the victims of regime’s crackdown. I think me and other speak about both. I think if people begin to care for other creatures like dogs , they will care about other humans as well.


  1. Regarding your last sentence, one would think so. However, history tells us otherwise. To site one example, the US is a world leader in campaigning against animal cruelty. Yet, lynching have been practiced there as recently as 1960s. Violence against aboriginals is well documented too. Find it funny to note that using animals in circuses is outlawed in Israel, of all places. Human mind defies comprehension in so many ways.

  2. "The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated."
    Modern day Egyptians should be reminded that ancient Egyptians not only respected animals but worshiped them!

    1. Si pues de eso no queda ni una astro ,,y esta nación después de todo no se puede ni medir deja mucho q desear

  3. Why are these people including the owner of the dog NOT in jail for animal abuse. If it is in the U.S. or Egypt or anywhere else, these people should be in JAIL.

    And as far as lynching in the U.S. goes, ANYONE caught lynching or murdering another human being WAS arrested and thrown in jail. Anyone today caught lynching or murdering another human being IS thrown in jail. KEEP making EXCUSES as to why your "primitive" society abuses animals and women by POINTING your finger at other countries. What a COP OUT, KEEP your head in the sand, it seems to be working for you.

    1. Tienes toda la razón ,,tendrían q pudrirse en la carcel y punto joder ,,puto país y puta gente

    2. Y si pudiese ,,yo misma mataba a estos tres cerdos ,,,me da repugnancia que puedan existir personas así


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