Tuesday, February 24, 2015

What more can We say ??

Today Cairo Criminal court has said its final word in the retrial of Alaa Abdel Fattah and other protesters aka The Shura Council Shura retrial. Alaa Abdel Fattah and Ahmed Abdel Rahman “Noby” were sentenced to 5 years in prison and a fine of LE 100,000 in addition to five years on probation for illegal protesting.

Other 18 defendants in the case including Constitution Party Member Hany El-Gamal, Dr. Yahia Abdel Shafei and Mohamed Sami were sentenced to 3 years in prison and a fine of LE 100,000 plus 3 years of probation. The court has also decided to uphold the original in-absentia 15-years in jail against four defendants who did not show up in court.

I do not know what to say or how to comment on such travesty as Ahdaf Soueif, Alaa’s aunt and prominent Egyptian writer described it. I do not know what to say for real more than what I have against the military trials for trials on that day in November !!
After hearing the verdict "Heba El-Kholy" 
already said or written about that particular case since covering that protest

Some speculate that Abdel Fattah El-Sisi will issue a presidential pardon and release Alaa and other protesters according to his speech on Sunday. Last Sunday Egypt’s president said in his first long-monthly speech that “innocent youth” currently in prison would be released within days as he promised a group of young journalists from his supporters in January.

Personally, I do not feel that this pardon will include Alaa because Alaa is not of that type of pseudo-activists who would thank the president and praise him for his generosity.

The regime knows that Alaa is a true political dissident.  I do not know to say. I feel sad and angry for what happened to Alaa who lost his father while he was in his jail and it seems to me that he will the first 5 years of his son’s life.

I am angry for what happened to Abdel Rahman who was not protesting in the first place and went to protect girls assaulted by policemen. I am angry for what happened to that bright Constitution party member called Hany El-Gamal who came from the United States in order to rebuild his country.

I am angry for what happened to Mohamed Samy who vowed not to stop protesting till restoring the rights of his cousin Jika who was killed during the reign of Mohamed Morsi. I am angry for what happened to Dr. Yahia Abdel Shafy and his son. I am angry and sad for rest of those men whom actually are quite forgotten in the Egyptian mainstream media after being heroes of freedom during the time of Morsi.

Just watching the anger and sadness of the families of those men today in Court in photos and videos made me wonder and shiver from the fact that there are thousands of Egyptian families suffer from the same agony away from cameras and media attention.

The young activists who attended the trial screamed down with the military rule while the old parents of the defendants prayed in agony to God that those who imprisoned their children to taste injustice and see their own children suffer. It is heartbreaking.

Freedom to the pink dragon aka Alaa and his compatriots. Freedom to all those unjustly detained because of protest law. 


  1. Its interesting,that in all countries where great #'s of people came out to protest their gov's--not 1 government listened ! Instead they Gased them water cannoned-pepper sprayed-shot buck-shot-shot real Bullets -whipped with clubs-drove Humvees trucks over several humans (killing them)-publicly stripped people of their clothing-kidnapped,torturd,killed-roughed up and jailed-and raped-etc,In Egypt nothing is different from 2011.They have divided the people successfully-and are coming for you.This is certainly,what they feel will work--to keep you in control. OBEY -even in the West.God bless these men who cared enough to try to bring about change through peaceful means-for that 5yrs etc.P.S.its better than being thrown over your balcony too your death I'm guessing.Dictatorship again (they must feel this will work ? again?)

  2. The Egyptian political and military systems clearly exist to sustain the dominance of an economic and political elite over society. They have been entirely warped toward this objective. It is insane for anyone to deny it anymore. Just observe the behavior of the judicial system, the economic policies, and the gratuitous repression. Criminals are acquitted and exalted while heroes are jailed, tortured, and imprisoned. Anyone who points this out is subject to extreme defamation or, in many, arrest/death/torture. The outcome of this "case" obviously further attests to this fact.

    The Egyptian ruling superstructure is as bent on maintaining its position as the most class ridden places during 19th century Europe.

  3. Accumulated anger from
    injustice may let people
    burst in the streets against
    the government as in 2011
    I hope this time they will
    have a plan.


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