Sunday, February 1, 2015

#Shaimaa_ElSabbagh : And This is the official suspect of her murder !!!! "Updated"

Saturday evening late Shaimaa El-Sabbagh’s party issued a very alarming statement on its official Facebook page related to the official investigation of her murder.
According to the Socialist Popular alliance party’s statement the prosecution investigating El-Sabbagh’s murder has ordered the detention of Zohdy E-Shamy , the vice-president of the party as a suspect in her murder despite he came forward as an eye witness.

Updated on 1/2/2015

The prosecution released El-Shamy after receiving the national security's investigation reports. He is no longer accused of murder but he is accused of illegal protesting which means he can face three years in jail !!! 
El-Shamy already participated in the rally. His photo walking besides Shaimaa while she was collapsing created huge controversy as some accused him of indifference while others looked to the photo on how the old generation ignored the suffering of the young generations.
Shaimaa El-Sabbagh's murder on Camera
Zohdy on the left while Shaimaa carried "Reuters"
Interestingly Pro-military Egyptian conspiracy theorists on Facebook accused the veteran leftist of killing Shaimaa.
Interesting Anti-Military rule grassroots movement “Askar Kazaboon” made a video analyzing all the footages and photos taken during the murder of Shaimaa referring to the alleged murderer of Shaimaa from the central security forces dispersing the rally.
Askar Kazaboon analyzing Shaimaa’s murder.
Back Zohdy El-Shamy , the 60 years old man is considered the acting leader of the leftist party as its leader veteran leftist Abdel Ghafar Shukr is currently sick.
Actually, Zohdy El-Shamy himself is sick and got a heart disease too !!!!
By the way the Socialist popular alliance party along other pro-revolutionary parties like Constitution party and the Egyptian Social Democratic party announced that week that they may boycott the upcoming parliamentary elections next March if the current minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim is not dismissed , the protest law is not amended, political prisoners are not released and a transparent
I think at least the Socialist Popular alliance party will not  participate in the upcoming elections after finding out that its acting leader is accused of killing its prominent member !!!!

One can debate the voting power of those parties but these are the Non-Islamist Pro-Revolutionary parties in Egypt representing youth. El-Sisi needs those parties to show the world the revolutionary youth of 25 January revolution are not oppressed.

By the way, security authorities refused to let the Socialist popular alliance party hold the memorial service of late Shaimaa in the iconic Omar Makram Mosque twice last week.
On Friday Shaimaa El-Sabbagh’s husband artist and painter Osama El-Sehely published that video about his late wife.  I will not comment on it because there is nothing to say about it.
Shaimaa’s husband speaks “English subtitles”

Earlier Thursday a group of women organized a small stand to protest the murder of leftist activist Shamiaa El-Sabbagh in the same spot where she was killed. There was a lot of fear and concern because that stand did not take any permission or authorization from the ministry of interior.

The protesters , all from women stood with floors and banners with the photos of Shaimaa El-Sabbagh , Sondos Abu Bakr and the young men from Mataria who all have been killed during the anniversary of the 25 January revolution.
The protesters included renowned liberal and leftist activists like Dr.Laila Soueif, Sally Toma, Mahinour El-Masry , Singer Simon and TV host Reem Maged.
The protesters chanted against the military rule and the ministry of interior like Down with the military rule, The ministry of interior is thugs, Hey Ministry of interior did you forget January revolution or what ?, down with the military rule ; Egypt’s women are a red line.
Nevertheless, the stand at Talaat Harb square ended peacefully after a group of Pro-Sisi supporters appeared from nowhere suddenly and stood on the other sidewalk facing the other protesters chanting for the ministry and Sisi..etc.
By the way, the ministry of interior claimed in the media that the security dispersed the stand.

Well, the security did not disperse but the protesters ended it peacefully. By the way after the end of the stand , a low-ranking policeman came gathered all the photos and photos left at the scene !!
Here is a slide show for the stand.

Here are video clips showing the stand.
Shaimaa El-Sabbagh’s stand in Talaat Harb square
You can see leftist activist Mahinour El-Masry leading the chants. Mahinour was a friend to late El-Sabbagh.
Women protest for El-Sabbagh’s right
And here is a video showing the Pro-Sisi supporters.
Pro-Sisi supporters in the stand !!

BY the way, the mainstream media especially Pro-Regime TV channels are attacking Shaimaa and activists demanding her rights crazily.
This hysteria reached to the Pro-military supporters who are attacking popular Egyptian comedian Ahmed Helmy who presented his condolences to the families of both army’s martyrs killed on Thursday in North Sinai and Shaimaa El-Sabbagh. It is just crazy and sad.


  1. This government is crazy, and so are the police chiefs. It is easy to see why terrorism, both its and from non-state extremists, is metastasizing. It lives in a dream world, or, if you prefer, la la land. It rarely speaks the truth, lies all the time, kills at will, ignores terrorists, commits terrorism itself, and is wasting away foreign influence as well. Who could possible trust a murderer or a torturer to deal with the situation in the Sinai? Obviously, it is just going to keep getting worse and worse. Only once enough people awaken to this problem will the road to recovery begin.

    The security bodies appear to exist only to act as violent extortion rackets and secondarily to protect their wealthy masters.

  2. Rest in Peace Shaimma, so sorry this happened to you dear :( We probably will never know the truth of who killed her and why they did however, and so the beat goes on sad over this for her husband and her child...tears from Arizona

  3. With time often comes diminishing popularity. One potential path for Sisi's political future is to follow that of Ahmadinejad. Iranians endured eight years of that person; a period by the of which he had mostly decimated whatever support level he originally possessed. Real power lies with Khamenei, yet the point still stands.

    Sisi is to the deep state as Ahmadinejad was to the Rahbar (Khamenei) and the Revolutionary Guards. There, however, is no prospect of an Egyptian Rohani being allowed to the presidency. The aristocratic-plutocratic controllers of Egyptian politics will not allow that to happen.

  4. The courage of these women. They are unbelievable. God bless them.

  5. an obviously despite and very deliberate action,by a despite dictator,too gun down an UNARMED WOMEN in the back no less. She will forever live in the hearts of the people. karma comes around always. may god bless her soul


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