Monday, February 2, 2015

#FreeAJStaff : And it seems Nationality and Freedom do not mix !!!

And Australian journalist Peter Greste has been deported at last from Tora prison to his country after 400 days in detention because of unfair highly politicized trial. Greste left but his colleagues Mohamed Fadel and Baher Mohamed are still in Cairo.
Now it is highly expected that Egyptian Canadian journalist and head of Al Jazeera international bureau Mohamed Fahmy Fadel will join Greste soon and will be deported to Canada but on one condition : To drop his Egyptian citizenship.
Yes he has to lose his native mother citizenship for the sake of his freedom !!! I do not know what to say honestly.
Some sources , mostly from Pro-regime sources to be accurate say that he had dropped his citizenship already. Of course according to some officials he can allegedly visit Egypt , his country as a tourist without a visa and that the nationality is a matter in the heart not on paper !!!!
It is a great message to send to the world that to get your freedom , you should renounce your Egyptian citizenship if you have another foreign passport.
Now I believe and I know that If Mohamed drops up his Egyptian citizenship , the Pro-Sisi supporters will consider this another evidence on his treason to this country. After all those people do not understand the meaning of freedom or its importance in the society. For God sake they look to China as the best example for powerful country that survives without freedom or democracy or human rights. By the way those who express those opinions are supposedly highly educated Sisi supporters.
I will not speak about the comments of the young frustrated Egyptians who say that they are okay with giving up their Egyptian citizenship because it is easy to talk especially when you are frustrated and angry.
Baher Mohamed 

I am angry and sad when I see how a person like Mohamed Fadel has to make such choice. I am frustrated and angry because Fadel has to pay that price for freedom because of highly politicized unfair trial. 
I am angry because this means Baher Mohamed and other convicted Egyptians in the case who do not have any other passport except the Egyptian one will not be released. Yes there is a retrial for their controversial case but I am afraid with Fadel and Greste are out,the world will not care for those Egyptians.
This is a great lesson Baher’s three kids will learn by heart about their nationality : Being an Egyptian meant that their father will be locked up in jail for God knows when. 
BY the way Here is Greste speaking about his release to Al Jazeera International from couple of hours ago.

It is worth to mention that the charges against Greste has not been dropped. The law stipulates that foreign convicts transfer to their countries to stand trials there.
BY the way Greste and Fahmy are free because of that huge big economic conference in Sharm El-Sheikh planned for next March.
For me I will continue inshallah to write about Baher and the rest of journalists detained for doing their job in Egypt.
I want Mohamed , Baher and the rest of the defendants in the case to be released because this is unfair trial and everybody knows that. I want the charges to be dropped and all of them to acquitted officially. I want Fadel to enjoy both his freedom and Egyptian Citizenship. I want him to marry his fiancée Marwa in a big fat Egyptian wedding. I want Baher to return now to his family so he can tell his children that being an Egyptian is not a bad thing. I know what I am asking seems strange in those hard times but this is how things should be.

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