Saturday, March 7, 2015

The Curious case of Mohamed Ibrahim and His Dismissal

On Thursday Egypt’s presidency announced a limited ministerial reshuffle including 6 existing ministers and appointing new 2 ministers in new ministries. The most important change in that reshuffle is how the minister of interior Mohamed Ibrahim was replaced by a new minister of interior suddenly or it seems to be suddenly. He was replaced by former head of Homeland security Police general Magdy Abdel Ghafer.
Ibrahim with Sisi and interim president Adly Mansour
in 2013 

Now why it was not that sudden because news of his dismissal or rather his resignation was spread next day following the Air defense stadium massacre in February if you remember.
During then it was said that El-Sisi wanted to dismiss Ibrahim but he would wait till after the Economic Conference in Sharm El-Sheikh.
But he did not wait and surprised us all now with this sudden change. Now people are discussing several theories on why El-Sisi dismissed Ibrahim.
  • He dismissed him because of his constant failure to bring stability to the country and fighting terrorism.
  • He dismissed him because of a Saudi request in order to pave the way for a reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood.   
  • He dismissed him because He is a Pro-Muslim Brotherhood. “Oh yes this theory began to find fans !!”
For me the core of that curious case of Mohamed Ibrahim is how or why El-Sisi and the army kept him as the minister of interior when he served under Morsi even after Raba’a massacre.
El-Sisi could have replaced him after being the president but he kept him. I do not understand either how El-Sisi kept him when he proved his failure in fighting terrorism and hundreds of police officers have been killed during his time.

I do not need to recount the human rights violations record of Mohamed Ibrahim since his appointment as the minister of interior under the administration of Mohamed Morsi. I do not need to remind me how the Pro-25 January revolution activists and parties have been asking for his dismissal since Morsi.
But if we speak in numbers according to SASA Post website , the former minister achieved a number of failures if we are going to speak about security stability in the past 26 months.
The info-graph lists in 26 months as minister of interior  :

  • 3565 civilians were killed in clashes 
  • 252 policemen killed in attacks
  • 236 people killed in torture
  • Not less than allegedly 50,000 were detained 
  • 3 security directorates above were bombed 

One hell of achievements as you can see.   
Police officers did not want Ibrahim to remain as minister of interior that long after his failure in fighting terrorism.
Already they do not look him as experienced police officer who served in Cairo or Alexandria or State security but rather prisons officer
Interestingly Youm 7 news website reported that Mohamed Ibrahim did not know about his dismissal except when he was attending an event in some Conscripts camp in Suez.
Some news reports claim that he even called PM Ibrahim Mehlab in order to make sure that he was dismissed which is quite interesting because he did not call the presidency.
Of course after the new reshuffle movement in the ministry of interior itself shows that the decision has been taken already from awhile and all arrangements were made in the dark away from Ibrahim.
What is even more interesting is how earlier this week Pro-regime TV hosts like notorious Ahmed Moussa started to Mohamed Ibrahim as well El-Sisi for keeping him in the cabinet for his failure in protecting the country and so on. This cannot be coincidence in a country TV hosts like Moussa take orders from above to speak about matters . Already for weeks Pro-regime Youm 7 website writers were attacking Ibrahim calling him a Muslim Brotherhood member and so on !!! For weeks the Pro-Sisi supporters were speaking online that once again El-Sisi should appoint a man from the army in order to restore the order in the street..etc.
Ironically Mohamed Ibrahim did not make it only in Egypt’s top trends on twitter but also worldwide trends for several hours with thousands of tweets and comments on Thursday for the first time... after his dismissal

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