Friday, April 17, 2015

Officially No Egyptian Ground Troops in Yemen …. Till Now

This is another follow up for the big question of whether the Egyptian regime is going to send ground troops to Yemen or not. The question or rather speculations were fueled by the photos emerged online showing Egyptian soldiers on the board of an Egypt Air Flight to Saudi Arabia. “It turned out that there were several photos not only one.”

On Tuesday Al Watan Newspaper already published a report saying that there was confusion about those troopers adding that despite the denial of Egypt Air CEO that his company did not transfer any troops to Yemen or Saudi Arabia recently , a source inside the company said that Egyptian army special forces were transferred to Saudi Arabia.

On the same day the official spokesperson of Egyptian Armed Forces Mohamed Samir issued a statement denying that report considering a part of that Fourth generation warfare against the Egyptian army despite this is the Pro-Regime Al-Watan Interestingly.

Samir added that Egypt has not got any ground troops participating in the Saudi led operation decisive storm up till now.

بيانــــــفى إطار إستغلال بعض الجهات المعادية لحروب الجيل الرابع (حرب المعلومات) بغرض التأثير على الأمن القومى المصرى...
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On Friday in a visit to the Military academy following the bomb attack on its students on Kafr El-Sheikh on Wednesday , President Abdel El-Sisi made it clear that he did not dispatch ground troops to Yemen. He also added in his statements that Egypt was keen on a political solution in the war-torn country.

Interestingly also this week on Tuesday as well President El-Sisi met with Saudi minister of defense Mohamed Bin Salman who came in a short visit to Cairo.

According to the Egyptian Presidency’s statement about this visit  the Egyptian president and the Saudi minister agreed to hold a major Egyptian-Saudi-Gulf military exercises in Saudi Arabia.

Some would speculate that this major exercise can be a cover to send ground troops to Saudi Arabia.
Nevertheless there is not specific timing for those exercises and I think El-Sisi knows the Egyptian people may not buy this as a cover now especially with the bad situation in Sinai.
Officially we do not have ground troops in Yemen .. so far. Let’s pray it will remain like that.

Bin Salman and El-Sisi in Cairo "Egyptian Presidency" 

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  1. انا نفسى اعرف هى حروب الجيل الاول والتانى والتالت دى عدت علينا ازاى من غير ما نعرف كده ؟
    ممكن نلعب من اول الجيم علشان احنا ما شفناش الاجيال دى ..
    انا لازم احييكى والله يا زنوبيا على الجهد المبذول فى التغطيات دى ..


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