Sunday, June 14, 2015

A Very small stand for a bigger Cause

Just from few moments ago, Egyptian tweeps knew that there has been a very small and sudden stand in front of the Presidential palace in Heliopolis this afternoon in solidarity with recent victims of forcible disappearance.
The girls at the presidential palace "Nermin Hussein" 
They were 7 girls, yes 7 girls carried banners with the photos of Esraa, Sohip and Omar in front of
The girls and policemen
"Nermin Hussien" 
the Presidential palace as well anti-Sisi banner. Those girls were not arrested. Some journalists were in the scene luckily. They stood for a short time till the police officers urged them to leave.
The girls left but at least they left a message that there are still crazy young people who can go to the street holding a banner against the president. Of course I wonder what would happen to those girls later.
It is day 14 following the absence Esraa, Sohip and Omar.
Now the families of Sohip and Omar got confirmations from detainees at Tora farm prison at Tora prisons complex that both young men are currently detained there. Yet again the prison administration denied that both Sohip and Omar are detained there !!
There is nothing about Esraa unfortunately so far.
It is frustrating and alarming. 

الوقفة النسائية عند الإتحادية لإنجازات العرص وبانر ل #اختفاء_قسري ل إسراء الطويل وصهيب سعد وعمر علي ..

Posted by Nermin Hussein on Sunday, June 14, 2015

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