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How to Fuel a Conspiracy Theory "Updated"

Two weeks after the bombing of the Italian consulate in Cairo , we find statements of Egyptian governmental officials about their plans of kicking out the locals of the long-time disputed  Maspero triangle. It is as if they were waiting for this opportunity to fuel Conspiracy theory among many skeptics!!

On Monday , Cairo governor Galal Saeed told CBC extra while visiting the Italian consulate that according to reports about 8-14 buildings will have to be evacuated. The governor added explicitly that the whole triangle would be evacuated sooner or later.

محافظ القاهرة يلمح لإزالة المباني المجاورة للقنصلية الإيطالية
محافظ القاهرة يلمح لإزالة المباني المجاورة للقنصلية الإيطالية
Posted by Talk show Masralarabia on Monday, July 20, 2015

Amazingly official statements and decisions concerning the Maspero square make many people believe in conspiracy theory and that the government-not the Islamic State was standing behind the bombing of the consulate in order to take over this high-value land whether online or offline.
Here is  #Maspero_Triangle Hashtag full similar comments on twitter. 

It is not only Pro-Morsi supporters who are speaking about how the "coup" regime will evict the people of Maspero despite the historical fact that Qatari investors had an eye on that cake in downtown Cairo for years.

April 6 Youth movement was the first Egyptian political movement to accuse the government indirectly

  1. A bomb at the outskirt of Mapsero Triangle 
  2. Forcible eviction of the people in Maspero triangle 
Then it ends the tweet with #Gang

The fact that the bombing took place early morning killing no Italian official and affecting minor part of the consulate made some people suspect the motive behind the bombing.

In addition to the strange statement issued signed by Islamic State-Egypt Province instead of the usual  Islamic State-Sinai Province claiming responsibility of the attack, which fueled the speculations especially there are couple of Egyptian slang words aka “parked car”.
Usually, Islamic State uses Classical Arabic in its statement.

Of course the Islamic State did not issue a denial but people can not stop pointing fingers to the government with what is happening in Boulaq or as it is called in the Medai Maspero triangle.

Since the days of Mubarak , there have been fights between the locals in Maspero from one side and the government and investors for another side over that important piece of land in the heart of Cairo.
We are speaking after about all a golden mine for investors mainly from the Gulf who want to turn that poor area into mega-skyscrapers garden selling units there for millions.
Here is webpage of Mapsero triangle development project from Cairo Governorate official website in Arabic.
The triangle map from Cairo governorate 
The project which will be carried out on 72 fedans would include residence and administrative projects as well parking lots and museums.
The governorate did not hide that the project would include an Upper-Class residence only in the project as it used  the word “excellence residence” in Arabic which refers to the Upper-class residential units in projects.
There is no mention for The middle class or economic residence.
The statements of Cairo governor as well the plans announced at the official website of the governorate contradict the statements of Minister Laila Iskander of State for Urban Renewal and Informal Settlements that there would be no forced evacuation and there would a renovation for the area.
Already in June both ministry of urban renewal and informal Settlement as well Cairo governorate opened an international master planning contest to regenerate the Maspero triangle keeping the local residents in perspective.
In previous statements by Laila Iskander, the current minister concerned with shanty towns in Egypt said that there will be no forced eviction in the triangle.
I do not know what she thinks about the latest statement of Cairo governor.
Updated : 
Minister Laila Iskander met with a group of locals from the triangle on Tuesday and she denied that there would be forcible eviction of locals from the triangle.
The locals in Maspero triangle or rather Boulaq Al-Ramlah as it is originally called are very angry.
They said that they agreed on renovating the area and not leaving it.  There are not less than 4,000 low working class families living in Maspero triangle.
Many old and poor houses in Mapsero triangle were affected badly after the bombing of the Italian consulate earlier July as the bomb hit a major water pipeline that affected the whole area.
The Italian Consulate now 
The Arab contractors company is currently renovating 50 houses following the bombing.
Here is a video shot there after the governor’s statement.
People of Boulaq react to governor’s statement
People are angry asking El-Sisi and army to interfere to stop any forcible eviction. The people are also clear that they refuse to evacuate the area so the land would be sold to investors. They refuse to leave downtown Cairo saying that they agree on developing and regenerating the area. They are clear and determinant.
Here is a video by Ahram Online’s Randa Ali showing the area after the bombing of the Consulate.
Boulaq residents speak of fears, negligence after Italian Consulate blast
Speaking about the bomb , the size of its impact was truly wide. I have noticed that the windows of Egyptian museum “which is in Tahrir square” and Al-Galaa educational hospital “Which is in front of the Italian Consulate” were still broken. I could not take photos for the Egyptian museum, but I took a couple of shot in the car to the hospital’s windows.
Al-Galaa hospital,Downtown Cairo
Al-Galaa educational hospital 
Al-Galaa hospital,Downtown Cairo
Al-Galaa educational hospital 
I just wonder when they are going to install new windows in the hospital !!

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