Saturday, July 18, 2015

Their Eid inside jail

For the second time, a group of Pro-democracy young activists try to remind the people in Cairo that there are young protesters and activists detained unjustly spending their Eid inside the jail.
It is limited movement, but at least those young people try to do something when people are afraid to speak in public.
It is a limited movement where those young people chose their areas like Maadi and 6 October to spread their message.
Here are posters showing the young political detainees’ faces on  ads signs in Maadi.
Douma poster on advertisement sign in Maadi "Photo :Ahmed Kamel

Here is also a big banner placed Ghamra bridge in Cairo showing the children detainees in Egyptian prisons.
Hundreds of children spent their eid in Jail
"Photo: Menna El-Shishinni
Another group of young activists distributed popcorn packets with photos of political detainees at a Mosque in October city  to children and women.

Distributing popcorn packets with detainees photos
"Photo: Marwa Kenawy"
Of course I am worried about the safety of those young activists.
It was done before during Eid Adha last year in Mohenedessin.
Here is the second message sent by Freelance Photographer Esraa Mahfouz from jail on the eve of Eid.
Tonight is the Eid’s Eve on 16/7/2015. It has been a month after Qanatar women prison after 15 days at the ministry of interior and one day at the High State Security
Up till now I do not understand what I am doing here. I used to feel helpless when my close friends and acquaintances were imprisoned.
Now I know that the closest people to me can not do anything to help me.
Already we cannot help each other.
I am so much hurt to see my younger siblings coming to Egypt before Eid in order to visit me in jail instead of being with them at home. Why do they have to see me in jail ?
It is as it were a horrible nightmare. Oh God I want it to end. I will not pray the Eid prayers in jail.
I can not tell what it is inside.
Have a nice Eid , you and your families away from jail.
Pray for me.
I am so sad.

FYI Sisi pardoned hundreds of prisoners on occasion of Eid and 1952 revolution , none of them are from political prisoners.  

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