Friday, July 17, 2015

Egyptian Chronicles present : Rumor of Love

Original poster of the film in 1960
It is a social traditional in Egypt to have new films in cinemas, it is a season for filmmakers.
Now in Egyptian Chronicles, there will be no screening for a
new film.

There will be a screen for an old film. As Omar Sharif passed away last week , I would like to Share with you one of his famous and popular roles in Egypt before he hit international stardom: His role as shy Hussein in the 1961-Romantic Comedy “Rumor of Love” or as it is translated in IMDB's Agony of Love

Now before he was that enigmatic Arabian El-Sherif Ali and Russian Revolutionary poet in Dr. Zhivago, Omar Sharif was Hussein , the dork of Port Said in the Agony of Love.

Directed by famous Egyptian director Fatin Abdel Wahab , the film had a first A Class stars during then including Omar Sharif , legendary actor Youssef Wahbi , Abdel Moneim Ibrahim and special cameo for Hend Rostom as well famous footballer then Adel Heikal  who was a close friend to Sharif.
In that films Egyptians were once again presented to the new starlet who would be a true legend later: Soad Hosni as Samiha.

The Agony of Love “1961”

Now one of the things I loved about Sharif was his honesty. He was extremely honest when he said that the true leading actor in this comedy was not but rather the legendary actor Youssef Wahaby and fine comedian Abdel Moneim Ibrahim.

Despite being in the social life extremely sociable and ladies man , Sharif presented the role of Shy Hussein perfectly.
Sharif , who had unforgettable scenes in Top Secret admitted that comedy was not his thing in Egypt.
Nevertheless, I believe he did great in the Agony of Love. Up till now I remember some of the scenes he made.
What I like about that film is that it is from the films that leave Cairo and go to the governorates as a setting presenting Port Said as Cosmopolitan city.
“Agony of Love” is inspired from an American film produced in 1930s called “ Talk of town” by the way.
Anyhow stop reading and start watching that funny film.
Happy Eid.
Oh and once again I will use this post to find an excuse to share that photos showing the sexist men in Egypt in 1950s and 1960s in the1970s
Adel Heikal , Omar Sherif and Saleh Salim

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  1. I am glad to know that instead of showing a new film in Egypt, they will be screening the old films as a tribute to a great actor who presented his role in his movies very well.


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