Saturday, July 4, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.14,15”

We are back to our Ramadan Arabian Nights. I had to stop last Wednesday the episodes to mourn the Egyptian soldiers and civilians who were killed by IS militants in North Sinai on Wednesday and nobody cared to mourn them for real. I thought the least thing I can do here is to show some respect for their souls.
Now we are back to our tale , the tale of the cursed lady’s wall. We stopped at the story of our little Mermaid who gave up her sea life and voice to find her love Nour on land. We will complete from here with two episodes.

The Seas Mermaid is now semi-adopted by Sheikh Mansour who named her Yasmine. His wife loves her as a daughter. Nour considers her as a sister but he can’t deny that he is attracted to her due to her resemblances to his beloved Mermaid.
Sheikh Mansour seeks help from the Grand priest in the city in order to see a solution for his son, Nour who has gone mad for the mermaid.
 Sheikh Mansour wants him to marry Princess Dalal but his son insists that he would marry his beloved Mermaid. Mansour also believed that Nour’s condition improved after Yasmine’s arrival.
Zohara treats her like daughter. Nour treats her like a
The Grand priest then suggests that Nour would marry Yasmine as well Princess Dalal. Sheikh Mansour agrees and decides to speak with his son about that suggestion. At dinner , the father asks the son whether he loves the mute girl or not and the son says that he does not know if he loves or not or even if he loves her for herself or because she reminds him with his beloved Mermaid. While the father and son are speaking , Yasmine/Seas Mermaid makes a sign that she wants to write down something. The Mansours now found a way to communicate with Yasmine and they may know finally who she is.
To another night

We are waiting to see what Yasmine/Seas Mermaid writes.

Yasmine writes down in paper but no one can understand what she wrote unfortunately. Another surprise was waiting the Mansours as it turned out that the beautiful mute girl understands what she says. Sheikh Mansour asks his son why he would not marry Yasmine when he was interrupted by one of his workers telling that his fleet captain Borhan after he was announced dead in the sea.
Then Mansour gathered all the wise men above them the grand priest in his home to speak to him. The grand priest tries to convince Nour that what he saw in the sea was not a mermaid but rather hallucinations. Under pressure, Nour says that he would marry the princess but they have to adopt Yasmine as his daughter. The Sheikh agreed and everything is set for Nour to marry the princess.

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