Sunday, July 5, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.16,17”

And Nour is going to marry the princess while his beloved mermaid is besides but she can not speak and he can not recognize her in one of the most silliest ironies ever.
We continue our Cursed Lady’s Wall tale here

Nour is heading to the Gemstones isles to marry the princess. He brought with him Yasmine in the trip. His father is concerned but what the king and princess say if they see Yasmine and his son girl , she will die the next day”.

Nour asks her if she loves him and she kissed his hand to show how much she loved him. Nour tells her that he loves the mermaid and if it were for him, he would not get married anyone except the mermaid.
reminded him that he adopted her. Yasmine or rather the Seas Mermaid cries day and night because she remembered what the old sea witch told her “If Nour marries another
They arrived the Island.
Princess Dalal is a bit a jealous from that beautiful girl accompanying Nour everywhere.
The King asks Sheikh Mansour  about her and Nour tells him that she is his sister. The king asks her hand for his nephew who saw her and was fascinated by her beauty. Nour tells them that she can not marry the prince because she was already married.

The big wedding is set and Nour will marry the princess.
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After a big wedding Nour and his bride Princess,  Nour was in his way home with his bride in one of his father’s fleet.

His new bride , Princess Dalal made him forget all about the sea mermaid as well poor Yasmine who is crying day and night waiting for her doom as soon as Nour and his new wife start making love. “They did not mention it directly in the show as it was family friendly show but this is what the witch meant by they get married”

One afternoon while on dock , Dalal was asking Nour if he had any ambition to rule her island and he was just going to answer her when suddenly he had this awful stomach before he would collapse and faint. Sheikh Mansour came and brought a medicine that made his son wake up. Nour was extremely weak and sick. He was transferred to his cabin where he slept and had nightmares.  
When he woke up , he spoke about one thing : The Sea mermaid.
His sea mermaid was staying in another ship in the fleet when she heard that her love was sick. She went to see him.
Sheikh Mansour is mad how his son is back to his old love.

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