Wednesday, July 15, 2015

#Ramadan Arabian Nights #2015 : The Cursed lady’s Wall “Ep.28”

Now Nour is a Merman and also a Sea Prince who has got to prove himself to the King of Seven seas and Princess Seas Mermaid. He would live for two weeks in the sea town and try to help the people in the best way without prince power.

The two weeks are over. All the Princes all failed except one prince or rather a fake prince , our
prince Nour. Nour opened a Saddles workshop. The saddles already invaded the Underwater world and the King was impressed. The King decided to give his daughter’s hand to Nour. Honest Nour confessed to him who he really was. The King welcomes him and decided to let Nour marry his daughter Seas Mermaid. Yes at last Nour and Seas Mermaid are going to have their wedding party or rather celebrations for 40 nights.
The couple lived happily but it was not forever after yet 

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