Thursday, July 16, 2015

Buying Eid Al-Fitr Feast Clothes From Al-Wakilat

Annually thousands of Egyptians from all over Cairo and Giza come to "Wakilat Al-Balah" to buy affordable clothes for feasts especially in Eid Al-Fitr.
"Wakilat Al-Balah" is one of the biggest popular markets in Cairo and Egypt for textile already. It is also the biggest secondhand clothes market in Cairo if not in Egypt.
From couple of days I passed through 26 July street which is considered the the entrance of the Wakilat which means in Arabic “The agency” and I found it extremely crowded with families and people buying affordable clothes.
Street Vendors selling clothes and shoes invaded for real the street on both sides as well sidewalks.

26 July street market
People come and affordable clothes and shoes from Wakilat Al-Balah's 26 July street
Here you can see a family buying shoes from a street vendor  
You will find in the 26 July street everything when it comes to clothes from adults to Children , from women to men , from XXS sizes to XXXL sizes , from shoes to bags to swimsuits and all that with affordable prices.
26 July street market
The side streets turn at this time in to open-air clothes shop 
26 July street market
Batches of clothes sold by LE 40 where other Batch by LE 35 and LE 25

The prices start as low as LE5 . It depends on the Quality of course.The average price as I have seen was LE 25
26 July street market
People do not usually negotiate over prices here

26 July street market
Most of those clothes stands are owned bigger merchants 
Needless to say the Wakilat and 26 July street vendors and merchants are the greatest example of grey market in Egypt.

The merchants in Wakilat demand on their relations with the municipalities and police force in the area to get away with their illegal trade when it comes to those clothes street vendors.

Buying new clothes is one of the traditions in Eid Al-Fitr.

By the way the Italian Consulate is located partially 26 July Street. It is interesting how the bombing of the consulate did not stop thousands of Egyptians living their lives normally and heading to the famous street in order to buy clothes.

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