Tuesday, September 1, 2015

#AJTrial : Now that’s a new level of Sexism in the Media

The media circus about Al-Jazeera Staff and Amal Clooney goes on in Egypt.
If you think that the top of sexism towards Clooney was manifested in the AP infamous tweet representing her as “The actor’s wife”, then you must think again.  In Egypt, the official and unofficial mainstream media hit rock bottom as usual and as expected but I did not even sexism would reach to the Official Spokesperson of the Egyptian cabinet.
The official spokesperson of the Egyptian cabinet Hossam Gowaish told Ten TV channel on Sunday that if it were not for the fame of George Clooney ; Amal’s visit would not create such controversy whether in local or international media !!
This is a new level of sexism in the media , we are speaking about official media now.
Hossam Gowaish speaks about Amal Clooney
Amal Clooney met with PM Mahlab on Sunday along with Marwa Omara, Mohamed Fadel’s wife. Clooney represents Fadel, the former head Al-Jazeera international bureau in Cairo sentenced three years in jail.
Hossam Gowaish is a diplomat and yet he did not notice that the amount of sexism in his statement about a renowned international human rights lawyer.
That degraded look to Amal Clooney was the common theme in the Pro-regime mainstream and social media as well their awful mob online.
The international human rights lawyer is now ridiculed to the level of speaking about her as “Novice lawyer from a small attorney office in London who is married to a famous Hollywood actor who divided South Sudan and want to divide Egypt as well’. I did not know that George Clooney was so influential !!!!
Two samples of those comments on CBC
FB page by Pro-regime supporters 
That comment or rather Conspiracy theory was shared frequently in the Pro-regime Facebook pages and comments in the past 48 hours. There was another comment I saw frequently that she is too thin and not that beautiful so she would marry a Hollywood star in the first place.
On TV, it was even worse and I am not speaking about Gowaish but rather the Pro-regime TV hosts band.
For two days , the infamous Pro-regime “whatever regime it is” TV host Siyad Ali accused Amal Clooney of being paid by Qatar despite he demanded the release of Fadel because the “boy confessed that he was deceived” !!
On Saturday : Clooney paid by Qatar
Mohamed Fadel Fahmy made it clear several times that neither Qatar nor Al-Jazeera hired Clooney to defend him.
On Sunday , Ali wondered why Prime minister Mahlab would agree to meet her.
The TV host known for his notorious lies and attack against the protesters of Tahrir square during the 18 days did not stop here.
He even claimed that Amal was a Muslim who was married to a Christian “George Clooney” as Muslim women are prohibited from marrying Non-Muslim men in a cheap attempt to tackle the feelings of the Conservative Pro-Sisi supporters.
Amal Clooney is born to a Druze Lebanese family in the first place.
Pro-Mubarak TV host Rola Kharsa wondered why Amal did not defend Gamal and Alaa Mubarak !!
You know coz they are innocent defenders of human rights and freedom of expression in Egypt.
Close to presidency and regime in general, Notorious TV host Ahmed Moussa wondered why “Amal Claoney” was allowed to enter Egypt and attended the trial when she had a tourist visa according to his informed sources !!
Last Sunday night Pro-Mubarak Pro-Military former footballer and Sports commentator Mostafa Younis said on TV that he did not understand why all people cared for Amal Clooney despite he “Mostafa Younis” was prettier than her !!
Mostaf Younis : I am prettier than Amal Clooney
I am waiting Mortada Mansour now to say what he thinks about Mrs. Clooney because I know that he won't miss that sexist circus.
After running a story about her diamond ring , many op-ed writers in Pro-regime Youm 7 slammed and attacked the renowned human rights lawyer madly whether online or in the printed issue.
For example, Akram El-Kassas called Amal Clooney as the Kim Kardashian of human rights who was not unknown lawyer till she married Clooney and became famous.
You can notice that all the attack is revolving about her looks and age and not that smoking hot for the standards of the Pro-regime supporters and media.
Amal Clooney in the court room by Hussein Tallal 
Amazingly Amal Clooney is facing all that sexism and that political motivated attack when she only represents Mohamed Fadel Fahmy “Who is suing Al-Jazeera and trashing the MB” and is asking President El-Sisi to pardon her client as he promised !!
I understand that the regime is angry that she dared and criticized the Egyptian independent judiciary stating the obvious and saying that it was politicized, but at least you should try to be more civilized in your criticism or just shut up.
What if she were defending Mohamed Morsi himself in front of the court !! On the other hand, imagine she defends Morsi and how we would be having a bigger circus.
I am truly amazed at the double standards of the Current Pro-regime media whether the mainstream or social media because during the days of Morsi those TV hosts and journalists used to preach us on how Islamists look down to women when they look to Amal Clooney as-not-so-attractive-wife-of Hollywood star with a sinister agenda against Egypt.
Of course mocking a woman’s look and attacking her in that sexist way are something Egyptian as I noticed lately but unfortunately we do not fight it properly. It is just sad how those people are attacking Amal in that way while she is a successful Arab lady when it comes to her work in human rights and international law.
FYI Clooney is heading the Maldives to defend its former President who is on the trial by the current regime. 


  1. I think ignoring the fact that nobody in the world knew who she was before marrying is not sexist.


    1. Actually she was known in the world as renowned lawyer before marriage , representing Julian Assange in court and other renowned figures like Ukranian PM made her name before Clooney

    2. Famous movie stars are always more famous than famous lawyers. In fact, now that I think of it, even B-list movie stars are more famous than the most famous lawyers. I think the fact that you already knew of this woman in her own right makes you an exception, Zeinobia. (Personally, I'm not a follower of the legal scene nor of popular culture, so I hadn't heard of either one of them.)

  2. If those barefoot peasants learned about Amal Clooney's education, family roots, achievements, etc they would not stoop lower than they really are!


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