Thursday, September 3, 2015

The little Syrian angel sleeping on a Turkish shore

I have seen a lot of graphic photos since the start of the Syrian revolution and how it turned into an awful civil/regional war but some of them have stuck in my mind.
The photos of Hamza Al-Khateeb in 2011 are still in my mind whether he was alive or dead by the hand of Bashar al-Assad's security forces.
The video of that boy whose jaw was blown off and died before he would be transferred to another country for treatment by the Red Cross in 2012.
The photo of that Syrian toddler washed up at a Turkish shore has joined that awful graphic photos and videos from the Syrian regional war.
Aylan Kurdi
Syrian toddler washed up on Turkish shore by Reuters
I can not describe how I felt and still feel when I see his tiny body lying like that on the sand except that I want to hug him in my arms and put him in a bed. He looks as if he were sleeping.
The look of the Turkish Gendarmerie soldiers says it all.
Aylan Kurdi on the beach in Turkey
Found by the Gendarmerie "Reuters" 
That boy is 3-years Aylan Kurdi and he drowned along with his 5-years old brother Ghaleb along their mother Rihan. 
Aylan and Ghaleb Kurdi
Aylan and Ghaleb with their teddy bear.
His father Abdullah Kurdi survived and I can not imagine how he feels now.
 They came from Kobani and died with their family in the sea, on their way to Greece, to Kos.

Aylan and Ghaleb Kurdi
The little angels 
Here are the boys smiling to the world. I believe they are in a better place than this awful world.
Little Aylan is now a better world, but his image has united the people online more than anything whether Arabs or Kurds or Europeans or Americans with hashtags and cartoons from all over the world.
His little body now is represented as a symbol for the failure of the international political system to put an end to the Syrian tragedy.
Aylan's Cartoon
By Islam Gawish for Masr Al-Arabia 
Aylan's Cartoon
He came to you sea to cure him
But you left him injured
You could have left him before
the soul would depart him
Where was it Noah's ark
"Nabil Abdel Hamid's words and Islam Gawish"

I won’t speak about Europe.
I will speak about the Arab countries which got a lot of money to help the Arab and Kurdish refugees problems easily. I mean for God’s sake the Gulf countries “which played and are playing a strong part in the Syrian tragedy” are competing in building the biggest park in the world and the biggest city in the galaxy..etc. I think those countries can help the refugees and building their mega-projects in parallel.
Aylan's Cartoon
Arab reaction by Saudi Cartoonist Aiman 
Aylan's Cartoon
Arab leaders by Salim Al-Salami
Aylan's Cartoon
The Arab League HQ in Cairo 
Aylan's Cartoon
The Arab and Islamic nation on the shoes
of little Aylan by Osama Nazal 

Aylan's Cartoon
The Arab conscience graveyard
"Belal Khaled" 
Unfortunately, Pro-Egyptian regime TV host Ahmed Moussa used that photo tonight in his show telling the Egyptian people that that would be their fate if they dared and protested against the Civil service law or any other law or policy but the current government.

Egypt is hosting a considerable number of Syrian refugees that is declining due to the bad economic situation, it does not receive Syrian refugees like before in the past due to the Visa requirement and the security approval imposed on Syrians now for fear of ISIS coming to Egypt despite ISIS is already there. Egypt also exports fighters to Syria not vice-versa !!

Aylan's Cartoon

Aylan's Cartoon

Aylan's Cartoon

Aylan's Cartoon
Above is warmer "M.T
It is also worth to mention that the photos of Kurdi did not make the front page of Egypt’s privately owned newspapers. I am not surprised because last month a media delegation visited Damascus and met with the al-Assad's FM.

On the other hand, The photos of Aylan are on British newspapers’ Front page including The Guardian or The Sun.
British Newspaper
The British newspapers on Thursday
It is not a big secret now that the Egyptian regime is cozy to Bashar Al-Assad and wants it to continue marketing the so-called “Political solution” in the region.
Again Fuck the Arab leaders from the Gulf to the 


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