Saturday, September 19, 2015

They Have a dream to enjoy their lives

I have just seen this short video clip now by Photographer Mohamed Hossam El-Din from Al-Masry Al-Youm about that famous inflatable swimming pool in Manshiyat Nasser slums and I believe it should be shared because it brings to me hope.

I have a dream in my life! from Mohamed on Vimeo.
Now  I do not know if Mahmoud filmed this earlier this summer or in August because I read that when Youm 7 broke the news first and made a report about that inflatable swimming pool in early June , the municipal workers came and broke it threatening to fine its owner not less LE 10,000 for having illegal swimming pool in the extreme poor area.
By Mohamed Hossam for Al-Masry Al-Youm
Tabloid Pro-regime Youm 7 called the swimming pool  “The poor guy Porto” in reference to the famous Upper-Middle Class resorts “Porto” in Egypt.
I think this is another inflatable swimming pool because the owner this time is a man whereas in the story of Youm 7 it was a woman.
This small act of goodness despite their poverty, show that there are people who really care despite all hardships in the society.
Call me crazy but that citizen who bought an inflatable swimming pools for kids to enjoy their time can play a bigger role in his community in elected local councils if he is given prop knowledge with civil rights and community rights not to mention if there is true democracy after all.
I once read about the democratic transition in Brazil and how in poor areas people began to get engaged in the political process through those small steps from making their public spaces and so. .
Anyhow I should not build a whole pyramid from a simple beautiful clip that gives you hope in humans after all. 

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  1. Truly enjoyed the video and will share it. Very nice to see.
    I hope the government doesn't close down this small bit of hope and fun for the children. :(


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