Saturday, October 17, 2015

Egypt in UN Security Council : Team US or Team Russia !!

Yesterday, Egypt has won a Non-Permanent seat in the UN Security council for the fifth or the sixth time since the inauguration of the UN Security council in 1946.
Egypt got 179 votes to secure the seat out of 193 votes from the UN member states.
Egypt's delegation presentation to Member states in UN
"UN Press" 

According to some news reports, 11 UN member states rejected the candidacy of Egypt while one UN member state abstained and there was one spoilt vote.
Do not ask me how a member State can spoil its vote !!?
The Pro-Sisi media says that it is a historical achievement when some say that it is actually expected because it was Egypt’s turn to get the seat after nearly 20 years.
The Ministry of foreign affairs’ diplomats say that it is indeed an achievement and that Egypt got votes with deals with other countries to get Egypt’s support and votes in return in the UN and its organizations.
Either ways , it is a fact that Egypt has got a Non-permanent seat in the UN security council for 2015-2017.
Now I look to having a seat in that council now as a responsibility and I wonder what we are going to do.
The big and the tough question: What team shall we join in the UN security council ?? Team US or Team Russia or shall we choose the Non-alliance choice and abstain !?

It is not secret that El-Sisi is filtering with Russia and its president Putin for a long time and it is enough to see his administration supporting the Russian strikes in Syria to see how far the Egyptian and Russian relations have gone.
On the other hand, the Egyptian officials swear in the media that we have a historical unbreakable strategic alliance that will endure forever.
The military cooperation between the two countries is back and El-Sisi administration did what Mubarak and Tantawy had rejected from shutting down the tunnels between Egypt and Gaza in order to secure Israel more than anything.
Some will say that El-Sisi is searching for the country’s best interest from both countries and that he is following Nasser’s policies in the Non-alliance strategy.
Despite being a godfather for the Non-alliance movement, Nasser was an alley to the Soviets historically and realistically speaking.
Personally, I think you can not keep this Non-alliance strategy in the UN Security council now realistically speaking if you are not a true independent country with a weak economy.
Time will tell.

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  1. The big and the tough question: What team shall we join in the UN security council ?? Team US or Team Russia or shall we choose the Non-alliance choice and abstain !?

    You should spoil all your votes.


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