Saturday, October 17, 2015

#Elections 2015 : Voting is like Praying as it seems !!

On Saturday, Parliamentary elections polling stations in Egyptian consulates and embassies in 139 countries all over the world opened its doors to Egyptian expats participating in the parliamentary elections.
Back in homeland, preparations are being taken to secure the elections with security personnel from Egyptian armed force and police force to secure polling stations in 103 electoral constituencies in 14 governorates.
Nearly 27,402,353 registered voters are expected to participate in the parliamentary elections to elect 226 MPs out of 2,573
Earlier Saturday in a televised word President Abdel Fattah asked the people of Egypt especially the Youth to participate in the parliamentary elections that will kick off in Egypt tomorrow.
He also said that the upcoming parliament would represent the “Egypt’s Consciousness” in front of the world !! Yeah, former NDPians and journalists like Abdel Rahim Ali are going to represent Egypt’s Consciousness in front of the world.
“The Whole world” is the key phrase here. It is about how the whole world is going to witness these elections as proof on the success of Abdel Fattah El-Sisi’s administration and regime.
The regime is worried that there will be a low turn out just like what happened during the Presidential elections.
For the past week, the Pro-regime hosts were urging and begging people to go to the polling stations.
Abdel Rahim Ali says that boycotting the elections is
like treason !!! 
On Friday, Pro-Sisi supporters launched on twitter hashtags in Arabic like “Go people and vote for Egypt’s future” calling the citizens to participate in the elections in order to show the world that what happened in Egypt was not a coup in July 2013 and in order to stop the Salafists from winning the elections !!
If you boycott the elections or are just lazy then you are traitor !! You know treason charges are the easiest thing to say in this country now !!
Ironically and sadly enough, we see now Pro-regime Sheikhs are using religion to promote for  participation in the elections in a way that reminds me with the Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood.
Famous and renowned Sheikh Ahmed Omar Hasham said that boycotters in the elections are sinners !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hasham is a member in Al-Azhar's Grand Scholars committee !! 
Abdullah El-Nagar, the member of Al-Azhar’s Complex for Islamic Research said in a TV interview on Al-Mehawar TV channel that participating and voting in the election was duty like praying for Muslims !!
Al-Azhar is Egypt's biggest official Islamic institution.
He also said that citizens who neglect that duty of voting are like those who abandon praying !!!!! So much for secularism.
It is worth to mention that Minister of Religious Endowment Mokhtar Gomaa warned from the use of religion in these elections.

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