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Parliamentary elections 2015 : In Giza

After few hours , Egypt’s first parliamentary elections after the ouster of Morsi in July 2013 will kick off its first stage in 14 governorates across the country.
Strangely , there is some sort of an agreement among the journalists that those elections are less interesting and exciting than the 2011 elections or even the 2010 elections.
Egyptian lady votes in Egyptian embassy in Jordan
on Saturday "Reuters"

It is true , after all those elections are mainly between the Pro-Sisi supporters with no opposition what so ever. There are no ideological battles between the right wing or left wing for real , nor there are battles between Islamists and seculars for real.
Yes, the Pro-Sisi supporters are claiming that the Salafists will invade the parliament to turn Egypt in to Afghanistan in a fake campaign in order to push the people to the polling stations.
The campaign is actually turning to some kind of hysterical racist Islamophobic one from what I see.
Those Salafists aka Nour Party are actually Sisi supporters , they are regime friendly since the days of Mubarak.
Again, it is a fake battle.
In the end as I hinted before this is a Pro-Sisi parliament.
Now as I am sick and yet have got a long day to cover after all inshallah , this post is about the parliamentary elections 2015 in Giza governorate ,one of Egypt’s biggest blocs in general because there are quite interesting numbers and facts regarding this governorate.
I live there and this is why I followed its news.
First of all we are speaking about one of the biggest and diversified voting blocs in Egypt with 4,639,126 registered voters out of population equal to 7,486,361. We are speaking about all sorts of voters here from filthy rich Upper class in Sheikh Ziyad district  to poor classes in districts like Meet Okaba , from farmers and workers to people living in Bahriya Oasis.
Now there are 414 candidates competing on 48 seats for Giza in the House of Representatives including 37 individual seats and  11 electoral list seats.
Most of the 414 candidates are independent.

Now interestingly, many of the voters who will go actually ignore the fact that due to the new Constituencies law, they may elect more than one candidate for their Constituency.
They also ignore about the list and get confused about them. I do not blame them because they all got similar names like “For the love of Egypt” , “Egypt’s calling” and “Egypt whatever” !!!!
This is not in Giza only but the rest of the country actually.
What is more interesting that out of those 414 , there are only 22 women candidates. Most of the women are participating in electoral lists just like the rest of Egypt.
Many former members of ex-ruling National Democratic Party “NDP” are running in these elections. It is like it is their ultimate comeback. One of the NDP icons trying to come back in the elections is Siyad Gohar.
For nearly 20 years , Siyad Gohar to be Agouza and Dokki MP for labor seat in People’s assembly along with Amal Othman, the former minister of social solidarity forming a duo in the People’s assembly.
Now Gohar is back and competing on one of the two seats in Agouza and Dokki Constituency , my Constituency along other 35 candidates fighting over more than 400,000 votes from different backgrounds and classes.
Parliamentary elections 2015
Siyad Gohar's banner in a working class area
Needless to say , all their attention in on the working class areas in the Constituency.
Mostly independent , Gohar got rivals from other candidates like for instance controversial TV host and journalist Abdel Rahim Ali.
Ali got fame from broadcasting on TV alleged recording from phone calls of activists like Wael Ghonim and politicians like former vice-president  Mohamed ElBaradei.
Parliamentary elections 2015
Abdel Rahim Ali's banners and behind Gohar's banner 
The Pro-regime journalist is proud of what he did. He is not ashamed also of being labeled as the “Security apparatuses candidate in Agouza and Dokki”. He has been actively working in poor neighborhoods in the district for a whole year now. He is also using his Bawba news website to attack other candidates.
Another strong rival for Gohar and Ai is none other than Ahmed Mortada Mansour , the son of the Pro-regime loudmouth bigger-than-life lawyer and Zamalek Sports club chairman Mortada Mansour !!
Ahmed Mortada got a huge support from both his father and Free Egyptians Party which he joined from couple of weeks ago !! Already I believe that the 38-years old lawyer has passed his permitted budget for campaign with all the posters and banners he got all over the Constituency.
Parliamentary elections 2015
Ahmed Mortada Mansour's banners in 2015 
I expected the Free Egyptians Party to score huge numbers of seats.
Ironically, Ahmed Mansour tried to run in 2011 elections on the same seat but he lost it to Political sciences professor Amr El-Shobaki.
Ahmed Mortada Mansour's posters in 2011
The former MP in the 2011 People’s assembly is running once again but he got no support like before from the media or the revolutionary activists who supported as liberal choice against the Muslim Brotherhood.
I forgot to tell you that this Constituency, my Constituency is being labeled as “The Celebrity Constituency”.
To be honest I do not want to elect anyone of them !!!!
Anyhow aside from those interesting candidates , we got not less than three former army officers running in the elections.
Parliamentary elections 2015
Colonel Medhat , the son of the armed forces is running for parliament 
This time , we got high participation of former army officers unlike any other elections.
Aside from Salafist Al-Nour party, we got no real Islamist representation in this elections. In my constituency , former Shura Council MP and ex-member of Al-Wasat Party Tarek El-Malt is running though.
There are interesting candidates catching names in Giza like for instance none other Mostafa Bakry , the Pro-military and close to Presidency journalist who runs on Pro-Sisi "For the love of Egypt" list.
This list is expected to score most of the List's seats.
Another name catching attention is the name of Mohamed Fouad, the Young Wafd Party candidate running in Popular working class area. I am interested to see what the AUC liberal graduate who used to live in the United States in going to do there.
To be honest I found my Constituency more interesting. Despite I feel I am going to boycott the elections and spoil my vote , I want to see the results in the constituency as well in the rest of Giza.
Here is a nice info-graph I made from the numbers posted from Reuters’ Aswat Masriya.

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