Sunday, October 18, 2015

Parliamentary elections 2015 Day 1 : Where are the voters !?

Where are the voters !? Where are the young voters?
These two questions are the main questions anyone would ask earlier today after seeing the polling stations during the first day of the parliamentary elections’ first stage in 14 Egyptian governorates.
There are nearly 27 million registered voters in the first stage who will choose their 226 representatives if I am not mistaken. Well, one thing for sure I can say safely that most of those millions did not go to vote on the first day of the elections. Just like the days of Mubarak, we are back to the days of empty polling stations.
Personally during as part of work as a journalist, I passed through several polling stations in my Constituency Agouza and Dokki in Giza at 2 PM and 7 PM and I found the following:

  • The number of candidates delegates and representatives at polling stations was more than the voters.
  • The majority of the voters if I found them were from the senior citizens from ladies and men as well few middle aged ladies and men.
  • The judges supervising the polling stations admitted that youth did not participate in the elections this time. One judge even told me that the only young person he saw in his polling station was a lady in her 40s. DSC09788
  • The people were choosing the people they know through the media or rather the TV like for instance Amr El-Shobaki , Pro-Sisi Abdel Rahim Ali and For the Love of Egypt list.
  • Most people did not know they had to choose two candidates instead of one.
  • Yes, the turnout increased a little bit after 6 PM but still not a big different.
I believe that the youth who attended the first training of Carlos Peseiro, the new coach at the Al-Ahly Club in Cairo were more than the youth who wanted to vote across the country.
Despite the government and High elections committee did not say that the turnout was low, it decided to extend to voting hours and to give public sector employees a half day so they can go and vote.
Also, they allowed people with expired IDs to vote too !! Yeah, I feel the old tricks are back.
Pro-regime TV hosts and guests are freaking out since afternoon screaming and even insulting the people. Oh yes insulting the ungrateful people who do not help El-Sisi.
Close to Presidency TV host Ahmed Moussa claimed on his TV that President El-Sisi was sad from the turnout !!!!
Moussa : El-Sisi is sad !!
It seems that El-Sisi is indeed sad because his adviser for social affairs Dr. Azza Heikal blames the mothers of young people who did not go and vote.
She also says that the youth who did not go and vote in the elections do not have the right to object on anything after that !!
Azza Heikal used to give lectures on universal conspiracies against Egypt in the army by the way.
Pro-Regime Rania Badawy who once caused a diplomatic crisis with Ethiopia is back screaming telling or rather ordering the people to go and vote because she does not know how to live!!
Rania Badawy : go and vote so I can live !!
Needless to say, Rania Badawy and her co-host Amr Adeeb were surprised to find a a viewer calling them on air that she would not go to vote because Sisi fooled the Egyptians with his lousy projects and that upcoming parliament would amend the constitution so he would rule Egypt for another 30 years.
A caller slams El-Sisi on air.
Other Pro-regime TV hosts and their guests blamed the youth.
A former Minister of interior wondered why the lazy youth who set on cafes all the time ignored their respectable president’s call for them to participated in the elections. He also added that El-Sisi was reaching for youth through selfies.
Go and vote , the President takes selfies with youth !!!

Nevertheless, Al-Gomhouria Newspaper’s Monday issue says that once again Egypt dazzles the world as the people defy terrorism and elect the MPs !!
Al-Gomhouria's Front Page from parallel universe
"Mohamed Othman"
CBC produced a song “Go” to encourage people to vote
Hashtag “Nobody_has_gone” in reference to the elections has been top trending all over Egypt for hours now with comics making fun from his El-Sisi and his regime in these elections.
Now I am waiting for tomorrow to speak more about what happened. 


  1. Do you think that the reasons go beyond disillusionment? Is the 'Youth' demographic worried about getting heckled, or even arrested, for voting in new candidates?

    1. I think it has to with political apathy , they know that this parliament won't bring any change unlike what happened in 2011.


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