Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Parliamentary elections 2015 : Voting girl on Day “2”

Sorry guys , I could not post anything yesterday after finishing the second day of the parliamentary elections' first stage as I was so tired after working for long hours and sleeping for few hours.
Well on Monday , the first stage of the Parliamentary elections concluded in Egypt , the results began to surface after 9 PM till next morning on Tuesday.
I did a round in several polling stations and here is what I saw :
  • At 1 PM I went to Meet Okaba primary school in Mohendessin in my constituency ‘Giza and Dokki’. It is a working class polling station. What I saw there were mostly old ladies and Middle age ladies coming to vote.
  • I felt that there were more people coming vote than yesterday but a judge in the polling station told that it was like yesterday and mostly elderly showed up.
  • Monday evening, I went in to another round on several polling stations in Dokki Upper Middle and Middle classes polling stations.
  • DSC09824
    The longest queue made of three people I saw at the Agricultural research center in
  • Despite the fact that several judges I met on Monday said that the turnout was the same like on Sunday while being bored , I felt that there were more people showing especially from younger ages but not so many.
  • The turnout is lower than the Presidential elections
  • Most polling stations I went to in the past 48 hours , the number of voters did not exceed 500 voters except very few polling stations.
  • Usually, I saw extra two ballot boxes empty in the polling stations.
Two empty extra ballot boxes , I saw them alot 
  • The Youngest voters I have on Monday were a 20-years old dentistry student and a 18-years old girl who came with her mom who told which candidates to choose. The 20-years old student chose Amr El-Shobaki while the 18-years old girl and her mom chose liberals only.
The dentistry student was the youngest voter the judge had seen in Gamal Abdel Nasser
Polling station, he told me to photograph him immediately 

  • Most voters I met in Agouza and Dokki had a problem in choosing another candidate.
  • Most voters chose those known in the media even those who are opposite to each other. For instance, many people chose Abdel Rahim Ali and Amr El-Shobaki who are completely opposite to each other representing opposite ideologies least I can say.
  • I saw very old ladies and men coming in using the wheel chairs provided by the ministry of interior
The judge was reading the names of the candidates to this old lady on a MOI wheel
chair , she came with her daughter who was voting in another classroom at
Martyr Maher Abdel Maksoud school polling station in Dokki 

  • Personally I believe it is not only the National duty , the love of Egypt and love of Sisi that made many elderly come and vote as much it has to do with the LE 500 fine.They think about their pensions after all and get worried.  
  • The Egyptian Christians also went to vote for fear of the Salafists’ Control thanks to the media when the Salafists or rather Nour Party is actually a Pro-regime party.
  • There have been lots and lots of reports about violations in those two days where you hear once again that votes are being sold for money in popular working class areas in Agouza and Omarneya in Giza sadly. Personally I heard several stories in Omarenya and in Agouza how the vote was bought there by LE 100. In my Constituency “Agouza and Dokki” , both Abdel Rahim Ali and Ahmed Mortada Mansour are facing allegations of buying votes by observers and NGOs.
  • I met Mortada Mansour outside a polling station surrounded by his fans. I asked the controversial lawyer and head of Zamalek Sports club about the turnout and with a big smile he told me that the Egyptian woman saved the day as she had done before in the Presidential elections unlike the lousy youth sitting on cafes smoking shisha!!!!
Mortada Mansour and his fans 

Voting Girl Parliamentary elections 2015 :

No, I did not go to vote because I know that this parliament won’t represent me and is not made for me despite a man like Amr El-Shobaki is running.
This parliament is not made to represent the citizens and support the establishment of true democratic state, on the contrary it was made for the opposite.

Results Time :

At night the polling stations closed and began the counting process.
As expected the “For the love of Egypt” won massively. Guys , this list was made to win already.
Unfortunately , Abdel Rahim Ali , Ahmed Mortada Mansour , Amr El-Shobaki and Siyad Gohar are going to have compete once again in the runoffs in my constituency which usually has got even lower turnout usually.
I am still too tired and too bored from these elections.


  1. Great Contribution, and please, carry on.
    Just a whisper.
    The overwhelming Demands of this crucial Point in Time, necessitate venturing into the World of Activism.
    Our Struggle here, is, really, a Battle for our very personal Freedom.
    If we were in Egypt, you and I would have been, for sure, imprisoned.
    Tens of thousands of our conscientious Objectors are indefinitely chained, down there.
    They don’t have the Freedom of Expression that we do enjoy.
    Every man of Conscience should make it a personal battle.
    To free our People.
    Welcome to the World of peaceful Activism.

  2. We need the ability to add photos.

  3. "I met Mortada Mansour outside a polling station surrounded by his fans. I asked the controversial lawyer and head of Zamalek Sports club about the turnout and with a big smile he told me that the Egyptian woman saved the day as she had done before in the Presidential elections unlike the lousy youth sitting on cafes smoking shisha!!!!"

    خذوا الحكمة من افواه ...
    هو ايه حكاية الشباب دى ؟؟
    كل مصيبة بيرموها على الشباب ومش عارفين انهم سبب القرف
    قتلتم احلام الشباب فى بكره
    اعتقد ان الامل فى مصر جديدة ممكن يكون فى خلال 20 -25 سنة لما الجيل دا يتمسح تماما هو وافكاره ورموزه المعفنة والمريضة

  4. Now is the time to create and buildup an alternative force to the pro-state authoritarians. Sisi and the misnamed "For the Love of Egypt" list will plunge in popularity as they continue to squat in office. This will inevitably continue as they mismanage the country and inflict constant brutality.

    An opposition force that has the resilience to withstand the repression and still gain traction could capitalize on economic issues and other matters to win power. The window/door to power would open once.the current crop of clowns is thoroughly discredited and ejected from their offices.

    The MB knew how to grow its organization but was unable to transition away from its secretive, closed past. The revolutionaries can this time act not only as the catalyst for breaking down the regime but also as a viable electoral or transitional force.

    1. Ironically it won't be easy when you are not given any ground or space to build any kind of opposition. The only opposition now allowed in Egypt so far is the online one


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