Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Nobody wants to tell us where #Shehata and #Massouny are

On Tuesday , El- Nadeem center for Rehabilitation of victims of violence launched a week-long campaign against forced disappearance in Egypt.
The campaign is called “Stop the Forced disappearance” and it is about the increasing reports of forced disappearance cases  in Egypt for activists, protesters and also normal citizens.
The campaign started with dozens of human rights activists announcing they would have a hunger strike for one day in solidarity with Mrs. Maha Mekaway, the wife of lawyer and Constitution party member Ashraf Shehata who has disappeared since January.
Maha Mekaway and her husband Ashraf Shehata
Mekawy has been on a hunger strike for two weeks.
Mrs. Mekaway knew from several sources that her husband was detained by security forces while the ministry of interior denies that he is detained in the first place.
Unfortunately, human rights activists and social media began to know more about the forced disappearance cases when Esraa El-Taweel, who is a former blogger and freelance photographer disappeared along her two friends Omar and Sohip in June. They were lucky somehow and appeared in detention despite all the hardships they are facing now.
Omar and Sohip are facing a military trial while El-Taweel is still detained for 45 days pending investigations.
During June, I remember that there were many cases of forced disappearances mostly for April 6 Youth members because the political movement dared and called for a strike.
Luckily,those members appeared in police stations and were released later.
Of course months later, the current Coordinator of April 6 Youth movement Amr Ali disappeared and then appeared again detained pending investigation by the security and prosecution.
Then we found that young film editor Mostafa Massouny has been missing since June as well and that his family was told that he was detained by Egypt’s National Security Agency for security check and he would released within days. The days became weeks and the weeks became months.
After 4 months now , his family does not know the fate of its son.
On Monday , his sister Omayma Massouny revealed the General Prosecution which was investigating his disappearance decided to close its investigation because the state security and police investigations could find his trace !!!!!!!!!!

توجهت أسره مصطفى ماصوني إلى النيابة بصحبه الأستاذة/ فاطمه سراج للإستعلام عن البلاغ المقدم بواقعة الإختفاء وكان الرد أنه ...
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His family is going to present a complaint to the prosecutor general once again in order to reopen the case.
Mr. Ibrahim, Amr's father at
El-Nadeem center in Cairo "Tito Tarek" 
Today, a press conference was held at Al-Nadeem center in Cairo where not only Mrs. Maha Mekaway spoke about her husband but Other families were there too speaking about their missing relatives.

I did not know about the case of Amr Metawally before.
Amr is a young student who disappeared without a trace at the dispersal of Pro-Morsi Rabaa sit-in in August 2013.
Till this day , his family does not know his fate.

According to El-Nadeem center , there are reportedly 90 documented cases of forced disappearance in Egypt in October only.

Several human rights organizations like El-Nadeem as well grassroots movements like Freedom for the Brave and April 6 Youth movement are participating in the week-long campaign.

Of course , Egypt’s ministry of interior denies that it is involved in those forced disappearances.

Follow #Stop_Forced_Disappearance to know the updates of the campaign.
By the way , I wish somebody tell us where those people are whether they are alive or heavens forbid dead.

At least their families can sleep at night. 

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