Sunday, December 20, 2015

And Esraa El-Taweel is released pending investigation "Updated"

And the court ordered the release of Freelance photojournalist Esraa El-Taweel pending investigation on parole on Saturday.

The judge ordered her release for health reasons as she needs medical care.
Esraa hugging her sister as she is released
pending investigation early Sunday. Her lawyer
Mohamed E-Bakkar is seen on the right
"Abdullah El-Shamy" 
According to her lawyer, she will be staying at home and won't leave it except after the police's approval for medical treatment.

I do not know if it is a sort of house arrest or parole to be honest. Yet I know at last she will return back to her home and her family as well her cat woody.

Yes after many months of detention including weeks in a forcible disappearance state, the young cheerful photographer who loves life is returning to her home even if that return is pending investigation. It is much better than staying in the cold prison.
Esraa needs immediate therapy to restore her ability to walk normally once again.

I am happy for Esraa because her release came after a huge campaign against her in the media following the spread of her photos crying in court.

In the social media, Pro-Sisi supporters launched systematic campaigns saying that she was sharing the addresses and names of officers to target them in terrorist attacks in a Pro-Morsi Facebook page she administrated.
It is untrue as Esraa was not the admin of any Facebook page other than her own Esraa El-Taweel Photography which was only for her photos and work.
They also claimed that she was the spokesperson of Students against coup mixing her deliberately I believe with the ex-Spox of that Pro-Morsi group, Arwa El-Taweel.
Arwa El-Taweel issued a statement regarding that issue and yet they did not want to listen or share that statement.
Nevertheless, that online campaign was nothing when State-owned MENA news agency released the alleged confessions of Esraa El-Taweel during detention at Homeland security "during her illegal detention/disappearance" where she confessed about that crazy plot to assassinate VIP political figure by planting a bomb in her own camera !!!!
Her lawyers dismissed those confessions. Needless to say, God only knows what kind of pressure she had been through during her illegal detention at the Homeland security following her disappearance along her friends in early June.
The happiness of Esraa's family after knowing the news
Early Saturday by Sameh Abo Hassan
Anyhow, things changed and it seems that Esraa and her camera are no longer a threat as she released pending investigation.
To be honest, I felt early Saturday morning that she could be released on that day as part of the regime's sudden change in action when it comes to detainees before the 25 January revolution anniversary.
Esraa leaving the police station with her lawyers Mohamed Bakkar
and Halim Haniesh , both human rights lawyers.
"Eslam Mosadaq" 
Esraa hugs her sister Duaa "who was her warrior outside for real"
"Eslam Mosadaq" 
Esraa in the car heading home after 7 months in detention
"Mustapha El-Sayed" 
Esraa and her lawyers , leftist Halim Hanish and Islamist Mohamed
El-Bakkr with her cats including famous Woody 
Last week, the authorities released over 40 detainees who forcibly disappeared months ago and suddenly reappeared in Al-Azouli military prison.
In the same week, the authorities allowed visits to Maximum security Al-Aqrab prison. The authorities also transferred the former speaker of People's assembly and MB leading figure Saad El-Katanani and as well Islamist politician Magdy Karkar to hospitals outside the prison for their deteriorating health condition.
El-Katanani's fragile figure in court from two weeks ago was more than shocking and indicator on the lack of health care at Al-Aqrab prison where thousands of political detainees are imprisoned.
Now Esraa El-Taweel is back to her family, even pending investigations in a case, we should remember that there are two men who disappeared also in June and we have not known anything about them yet.
Those men are called Mostafa Massouny and Ashrafa Shehata.
Please remember them. 


  1. "A huge campaign against her" sounds like the wrong expression. You might want to say; a campaign agaist her "arrest", or a campaign "for" her.

    1. Actually I am speaking about the Pro-regime campaign against Esraa and spreading lies about her unfortunately in the past few weeks.


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