Sunday, December 13, 2015

Another round of talks about GERD reaches to nothing !! Be worried , very worried

On Saturday, a new round of talks between Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan about the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam “GERD” concluded in Khartoum without anything new.
The talks were attended by the three countries ministers of foreign affairs and irrigation as well technical experts.It failed in the two days in two days of trilateral talks to reach a final agreement.

A new round of talks will be held next 27-28 December. It does not look good.The tenth round of talks was held in Khartoum at a very critical time when we seem to have rocky relations with the current Sudanese regime already.
Ethiopia does not want to stop or slow down the construction of its Dam.According to Press reports, 45% of that huge dam is finished.
The Grand Ethiopian Renassiance Dam under construction  "Reuters"
The Ethiopians officials say that Egypt should not be worried about the dam and that it would not affect Egypt’s Nile water’s share.

On the other hand, the Egyptian experts say that Ethiopia fooled us and some even blame the current Egyptian administration for giving up Egypt’s rights after signing the GERD’s Declaration of principles in March. People who are concerned with the water’s share are worried and the Egyptian officials do not know the meaning of transparency.

We need honest answers because we are speaking about a true national security matter here.
BY the way according to Middle East Monitor, Egypt asked UAE to intervene directly over that dispute about GERD. UAE is one of the major investors in Ethiopia along Saudi Arabia according to my knowledge.

Unfortunately, the Egyptian mainstream media did not care that much for the talks compared to what Egypt’s minister of foreign did at the meeting praising him as a national hero.

Egyptian foreign minister Sameh Shoukry removed the Al-Jazeera microphone set up in front of him
and threw it to the ground.This is unacceptable irresponsible behavior from an Egyptian official in public abroad.
Egypt's FM minister and Al-Jazeera Microphone "Twitter"
Let alone we are speaking about Egypt’s minister of foreign affairs who is originally a diplomat !!!

If Sameh Shoukry does not want to speak or have Al-Jazeera microphone in front of him then he should ask his Sudanese host to remove it because after all he is a guest in Sudan.

Needless to say , Al-Jazeera is using this action against Shoukry and the rest of El-Sisi’s regime as a proof on their disrespect to journalism and freedom of the press.

The Egyptian administration loves to belittle itself in front of Al-Jazeera as a whole state vs. News network regardless of the current relations with Qatar.

The Pro-Sisi supporters on twitter launched a hashtag in Arabic that has been trending for hours now in Egypt and Cairo “#Sameh_Shoukry_Is_the_man”. That hashtag embodies the populist nationalist policies that we have been cursed with in Egypt since the 1960s.

The Pro-Sisi supporters are so happy with what the minister of foreign affairs did with the Al-Jazeera News channel’s microphone ignoring the results of Saturday’s talks with Ethiopia and Sudan and the future of our Nile water share.

They do not even speak or discuss the alarming results of those talks.It is a shame that people ignore that things that truly matter and celebrate irresponsible unacceptable populist actions.

Of course, history of Egypt made us learn that those people usually regret it later… after paying a huge price for that.
We should be worried, very worried 

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