Monday, December 14, 2015

Please treat them like Ouda Tarabin !!

Egypt has at last extradited Israeli Bedouin Ouda Tarabin who was arrested in 2000 and convicted of spying to Israel in exchange of at Egyptian prisoners in Israeli prisons last week.
Early Thursday suddenly with no introductions, we found out that the Egyptian administration decided to exchange Tarabin with two Egyptian prisoners and in no time, the Bedouin who is shunned by Tarabin tribe in Sinai is received in Tel Aviv by Israeli Prime Netanyahu.
Ouda Tarabin with Bibi in Tel Avivi "Chaim Tzach"
We do not know much about the Egyptian prisoners.
According to the Israeli press, they are six Egyptian prisoners and according to the Egyptian press they are involved in drug smuggling cases. Three of those Egyptian prisoners have finished their sentences.
Tarabin also finished his sentence as he was sentenced 15 years in jail in 2000.
The Israeli media also revealed that Israel agreed to give Egypt 2 percent from a joint industrial zone aka “Qualifying Industrial Zone-QIZ” as part of the deal for the release of Tarabin. The Israeli media speaks about millions of dollars according to this deal.
Israeli PM says that the 34 years old Bedouin who was arrested in Al-Arish in 2000 was not a spy to Israel. Ouda Tarabin has been denying all the charges against saying that when he was arrested, he was only visited his sister who is married and living in North Sinai.
Ouda’s father was wanted to the Egyptian authorities as well. The father who left North Sinai and moved to Israel is accused of being a spy to the Israeli forces during the Israeli occupation years in Sinai.
Now Despite he told the media following his release in Israel that his prison cell was like a tomb,Tarabin later described how he was allegedly treated not so bad like other Egyptian detainees and prisoners.

In the interview to Yediot Ahronot, Ouda Tarabeen described how he had a TV, refrigerator and a microwave in his prison cell !!

I read tat  news report and I feel very angry and sorry for the political detainees and prisoners in Egypt whose families are reporting that they are being mistreated badly especially in the Supermax Al-Aqrab prison at Tora Prison complex.

According to human rights activists and organizations, Al-Aqrab prison administration rejects the entry of heavy winter clothes, blankets and medications to the inmates and detainees.
They also deny visits to the inmates and detainees.There are reports about medical neglect in the prison.

Needless to say, the ministry of interior denies the allegations of mistreatment.

Early Sunday, the families of political detainees and prisoners in Al-Aqrab prison organized a protest at the famous staircase of the Egyptian Journalists syndicate demanding the authorities to allow visits as well the entry of heavy winter.
Part of the protest in Cairo  by Tasneem Sameh 
Most of the recent political detainees and prisoners in that jail are Islamists and members of the Muslim Brotherhood.
Whether Islamists or secularists or leftists or whatever, they are humans in the end who deserve to be treated in a humane way in custody. 

I think fairly enough, those prisoners and detainees should be treated like Ouda Tarabin, the officially convicted spy who had a TV, a fridge and a microwave to cook his own food as the food in his prison was horrible. 

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